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  1. of Tver Fearsome Eyes G.P. of Vladimir 1299–1322–1326: Alexander of Tver G.P. of Vladimir 1301–1326– 1327–1339: Andrei Kobyla: Ivan Prince of Zvenigorod ≈1356–1364: Dmitry Donskoy G.P. of Moscow 1350-1359–1389: Eudoxia of Moscow?–1407: Mikhail II of Tver G.P. of Vladimir 1333-1371–1375: Simeon of Suzdal: Feodor Koshka ...

  2. Tver Uprising of 1327: Golden Horde Muscovy Vladimir-Suzdal: Tver: 1328 1332 War of the Two Capitals: Khanbaliq Faction Shangdu Faction 1329 1331 Bhre Sedang and Keta rebellion Majapahit Empire: Bhre Sedang forces Keta forces 1331 1331 Serbian civil war of 1331: Faction of Stefan Dušan: Faction of Stefan Uroš III: 1331 1333 Genkō War