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  1. When Ash tries to pick his first Pokémon on his birthday, he ends up with a stubborn Pikachu and they embark on a journey to find the legendary Ho-Oh. Watch trailers & learn more.

  2. A space age adventure set against the backdrop of the 1969 Apollo mission to the moon, inspired by writer-director Richard Linklater’s childhood. Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area The enigmatic Professor assembles a group of skilled thieves from the North and South to steal the freshly minted currency of a to-be unified Korea.

  3. 23/01/2018 · We shot the film with actors, and literally painted over it frame by frame. This is a very laborious and time-consuming process. It has taken us 4 years to develop the technique, and it took us over 2 years with a team of over 100 painters working at studios in the Polish cities of Gdansk and Wroclaw, and a studio in Athens to complete the film.

  4. Apocalypse is born as the world's first mutant. Over the next few thousand years, he conquers and destroys many civilizations and is worshipped as a god by many. Apocalypse (as En Sabah Nur) telekinetically assembles the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. Apocalypse is betrayed by his worshipers, who entomb him alive. His Four Horsemen die preserving him. The Phoenix Force destroys the D'Bari planet ...

  5. Throughout the James Bond series of films and novels, Q Branch has given Bond a variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include elaborate weapons and anti-pursuit systems, alternative transportation modes, and various other functions.

  6. Enter the Dragon (Chinese: 龍爭虎鬥) is a 1973 martial arts action film directed by Robert Clouse.The film stars Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly.It was Lee's final completed film appearance before his death on 20 July 1973 at age 32.

  7. 22/11/2002 · Die Another Day: Directed by Lee Tamahori. With Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike. James Bond is sent to investigate the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul, who is funding the development of an international space weapon.