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    Moscow, capitat Russia. Guåha 13,197,596 na tataogues na populasion i sengsong nu i senso 2017. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Moscow

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    Moscow (Russian bhasa: Москва, Moskva), Russia ke capital city hae. Iske abaadi 12.5 million hae jiske kaaran ii Europe ke sab se barraa city hae. Moscow ke Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, 1147 me suruu karis rahaa. 1480 se 1703 talak, Moscow, Russia ke capital rahaa. 1918 me ii fir se capiatal banaa.

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    Moscow. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cette page d’homonymie répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom. Sur les autres projets Wikimedia : Moscow, sur le Wiktionnaire. Moscow désigne : nom anglais de Moscou en Russie, une méthode de développement logiciel : la méthode MoSCoW. En Écosse :

  4. Moscow – jednostka osadnicza w stanie Maryland, w hrabstwie Allegany. Moscow – miasto w stanie Tennessee, w hrabstwie Fayette. Moscow – miasto w stanie Wisconsin, w hrabstwie Iowa. Gminy w Stanach Zjednoczonych : Moscow ( ang. Moscow Township) – gmina w stanie Iowa, w hrabstwie Muscatine. Moscow ( ang. Moscow Township) – gmina w ...

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    Moscow (To Russia-gbe mẹ: Москва) wẹ yin tatọ́-tẹnnọ otò Russia tọn podọ ewọ wẹ sọ yin tòdaho he klo hugan to Russia. ... Gando Wikipedia;

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    Moscow, iguta guru reRussian Federation This page was last edited on 20 Kukadzi 2018, at 13:00. Text is available under the Creative ... About Wikipedia; Matandanyadzi;

  7. › wiki › Moscow_OblastMoscow Oblast - Wikipedia

    Thare is nae offeecial admeenistrative centre o Moscow Oblast; its public authorities are locatit in Moscow an athort ither locations in the oblast. The oblast wis foondit in 1929. It borders Tver Oblast in the northwast, Yaroslavl Oblast in the north, Vladimir Oblast in the northeast an east, Ryazan Oblast in the sootheast, Tula Oblast in the sooth, Kaluga Oblast in the soothwast an Smolensk ...