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  1. Allen's and Farrow's adopted son Moses Farrow, who sides with Allen, declined to cooperate. Ziering says Dylan and Mia Farrow were not eager to participate and did not initially agree to do so, and that it took one month for Dylan to agree and 10 months to convince Mia.

  2. Ronan Farrow est porte-parole de l'UNICEF entre 2001 et 2009 [5].Lors d'une mission au Soudan, il contracte une infection osseuse qui le condamne à utiliser une chaise roulante puis des béquilles pendant quatre ans [10], [9].

  3. 04/08/1992 · Moses Farrow has confirmed the Yale report suggesting that his sister Dylan was coached by Mia Farrow to falsely accuse Woody Allen (see facts 25 and 26 and our post about Moses Farrow). People lying or manipulating the facts for Mia Farrow and Dylan Farrow, like Nicholas Kristof, are extremely embarrassed and always “forget” to mention Moses.

  4. Mia Farrow perd encore son frère Patrick Joseph Farrow, né le 27 novembre 1942, sculpteur aux multiples récompenses qui s’est suicidé le 16 juin 2009 d’une balle dans la tête à l’intérieur de sa galerie d’art [22] à l’enseigne Farrow Gallery de Castleton, Vermont, États-Unis [23]. Il laisse sa femme Susan, artiste comme lui.

  5. Like Farrow, Leigh developed a bit of bad publicity when she too walked off the weekly series after only one season. She also fell into the arms of the very popular -- and very married -- series star Ryan O'Neal. The couple would marry in 1967 following his divorce from actress Joanna Moore.

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