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  1. Myles Standish (c. 1584 – October 3, 1656) was an English military officer and colonist. He was hired as military adviser for Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts, United States by the Pilgrims.

  2. Myles Standish (born c. 1584, Lancashire, Eng.—died Oct. 3, 1656, Duxbury, Mass.) was a British-American colonist and military leader of the Plymouth colony. As a young man, Standish fought in the Netherlands, where he probably met the English religious exiles who later became known as the Pilgrims.

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  3. 11 de nov. de 2020 · Myles Standish (l. c. 1584-1656 CE) was the military advisor to the Plymouth Colony who traveled with the colonists (later known as pilgrims) aboard the Mayflower in 1620 CE.

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    Myles Standish (c. 1584 - 3 de octubre de 1656) fue un militar y colono inglés. Fue contratado como asesor militar de Plymouth Colony en la actual Massachusetts, Estados Unidos por los Peregrinos.

  5. Their names were Hiram Binghamknown as Harry—and Myles Standish. Neither Bingham nor Standish seemed to fit the mold of typical career diplomats for the time, but for the hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals they were able to help, their efforts were the difference between life and death.

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  6. MILES STANDISH. ORIGIN: Holland. MIGRATION: 1620 on Mayflower. FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth. REMOVES: Duxbury. RETURN TRIPS: Sent to London in late 1625 and returned early 1626. OCCUPATION: Soldier. FREEMAN: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen Capt [ain] Myles Standish is first among the councillors, immediately after the governor [PCR I :3].

  7. 27 de jun. de 2018 · Myles Standish (ca. 1584-1656), a professional English soldier hired by the Pilgrims to direct their military affairs, gave great service to New Plymouth in America and won personal glory.