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    Namdev (Pronunciation: [naːmdeʋ] ), also transliterated as Nam Dayv, Namdeo, Namadeva, (traditionally, c. 26 October 1270 – c. 3 July 1350) was a Marathi Hindu poet and saint from Narsi, Hingoli, Maharashtra, India within the Varkari tradition of Hinduism. He lived as a devotee of Lord Vitthal (Krishna) of Pandharpur.

  2. Namdev was the son of a tailor and thus of low caste. According both to his somewhat hagiographical biography (composed some three centuries after his death) and to information gleaned from his sometimes autobiographical poems, he was a member of a gang as a youth, but he was overcome with remorse one day on hearing the lamentations of a woman whose husband he had killed.

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    Details of the life of Namdev are vague. He is traditionally believed to have lived between 1270 and 1350 but S. B. Kulkarni, according to Christian Novetzke, "one of the most prominent voices in the historical study of Maharashtrian Sant figures" - has suggested that 1207-1287 is more likely, based on textual analysis. Some scholars date him to ar...

    The literary works of Namdev were influenced by Vaishnava philosophy and a belief in Vithoba. Along with the Jñānēśvarī, a sacred work of Jñānēśvar, and of Bhakti movement teacher-writers such as Tukaram, the writings of Namdev form the basis of the beliefs held by the Varkari sect of Hinduism. He was thus among those responsible for disseminating ...

    Namdev was influenced by Vaishnavite philosophy. His poems sometimes invoked Vithoba, sometimes Vishnu-Krishna as Govind-Hari, but in the larger context of Rama, which states Ronald McGregor, was not referring to the hero described in the Hindu epic Ramayana, but to a pantheistic Ultimate Being. Namdev's view of Rama can be visualised, adds McGrego...

    Along with the works of sants such as Jnanesvar and Tukaram, the writings of Namdev are at the foundation of beliefs held by the Varkari sect of Hinduism. He was among those responsible for disseminating the Vithoba faith that had emerged first in the 12th century Namdev used the Marathi language to compose his poetry, which made it accessible to t...

    Sant Namdev Abhang Gatha [archive]
    Bhagat Namdev Bani in Guru Granth Sahib [archive]
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    Namdev. He was a tailor by profession. He emphasized on cultural unity of the Marathas by introducing a tradition called Mahapurusha Sampradaya. He believed in equality of all men and women. He advocated the practice of devotion to realize god. Some of his devotional songs are found in the Guru Granth Sahib.

  5. Sant Namdev. Namdev of Maharashtra was a saint of medieval India. He was not a servant of Lord Krishna, but His companion. Namdev was an Aṅśa [1] of Lord Kṛṣṇa . Namdev was a contemporary of Jnānadev, the famous saint of Maharashtra, being his senior in age by about five years. He was born in 1269 A.D. He came of a family of tailors ...