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  1. The first act, or opening narration, is usually used for exposition, to establish the main characters, their relationships, and the world they live in. Later in the first act, a dynamic incident occurs, known as the inciting incident , or catalyst , that confronts the main character (the protagonist ).

  2. The narration continues after Stansfield is informed that his journey into space will take forty years: Commander Douglas Stansfield, astronaut, a man about to embark on one of history's longest journeys: forty years out into endless space and hopefully back again. This is the beginning, the first step towards man's longest leap into the unknown.

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    Narrativ (von lateinisch narratio ‚Erzählung‘) steht für: . Narrativ (Sozialwissenschaften), sinnstiftende Erzählung für eine Gruppe oder Kultur Narrativ (Grammatik), Kasus oder Modus