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  1. 22/11/2020 · Theobald III of Blois (French: Thibaut) (1012 – 1089) was count of Blois, Meaux and Troyes. He was son of Odo II of Blois and Ermengarde of Auvergne. Theobald inherited amongst others the counties of Blois, Tours, Chartres. Chateaudun and Sancerre, and also in Champagne: Chateau-Thierry, Provins and St. Florentin.

  2. In 1089, upon the death of his father, Stephen became the Count of Blois and Chartres, although Theobald had given him the administration of those holdings in 1074. Stephen was one of the leaders of the First Crusade , leading one of the major armies of the crusade and often writing enthusiastic letters to his wife Adela of Normandy about the crusade's progress. [2]

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    Blois apparaît pour la première fois en 410 lorsqu'elle est conquise par le chef breton Ivomadus qui en expulse le « consul » Odo, probablement d'origine germanique. Il y fonde un état autonome ou semi-autonome qui se maintient jusqu'à la prise de la ville par Clovis en 491 [ 33 ] .

  4. Más al sur, Theobaldo V, conde de Blois, un enemigo de Luis VII se vuelve inmediatamente aliado de Enrique. [92] Las tensiones militares y diplomáticas resultantes y las frecuentes reuniones cara a cara para intentar resolverlas, han llevado al historiador John Dunbabin a comparar la situación con el período de la Guerra Fría en Europa en el siglo XX.

  5. Baldwin II of Boulogne († c. 1027) was a son of Arnulf III, Count of Boulogne, whom he succeeded as count of Boulogne.. Life. Baldwin II was the son of Arnulf III, Count of Boulogne and succeeded his father as count circa 990.

  6. 21/06/2014 · Robert and Odo's family is known as the Robertians.[3] Robert was present at the Siege of Paris in 885.[4] He was appointed by Odo as the ruler of several counties, including the county of Paris, and abbot in commendam of many abbeys. Robert also secured the office of Dux Francorum, a military dignity of high importance.

  7. The Château de Chaumont is a castle located in Chaumont-sur-Loire, France founded by Odo I, Count of Blois in 10th century. Louis XI had the château burned and razed to the ground after Pierre d’Amboise failed his rebellion against the king, but the succeeding Amboise family rebuilt the property into a combined Medieval and Renaissance architecture style.