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  1. The 1944 edition of the Almanach de Gotha records the name of Russia's ruling dynasty from the time of Peter III (reigned 1761–1762) as "Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov". However, the terms "Romanov" and "House of Romanov" often occurred in official references to the Russian imperial family.

  2. The House of Bjelbo (Swedish: Bjälboätten), also known as the House of Folkung (Folkungaätten), was an Ostrogothian Swedish family that provided several medieval Swedish bishops, jarls and kings. It also provided three kings of Norway , and one king of Denmark in the 14th century.

  3. A Casa Romanov (em russo: Дом Рома́новых, transl. Dom Romanovykh), é uma família nobre russa, tendo sido a segunda e última dinastia imperial [1] e portanto, a família imperial que governou a Moscóvia e o Império Russo por oito gerações entre 1613 e 1762.