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  1. For the BBC continuity announcer, see Peter Jefferson (radio). Peter Jefferson (February 29, 1708 – August 17, 1757) was a planter, cartographer and politician in colonial Virginia best known for being the father of the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

    • Thomas Jefferson (father), Mary Field (mother)
    • 10, including Thomas, Lucy, and Randolph
    • Shadwell, Albemarle County, Virginia
    • Tobacco plantation owner, surveyor, cartographer
    • Ancestry
    • Assessment
    • Early history
    • Marriage
    • Recognition
    • Later career
    • Significance
    • Culture
    • Death

    Peter Jefferson (1707/8-1757) was Thomas Jeffersons father.1 He was the son of Thomas Jefferson (c. 1677-1731) and Mary Field Jefferson (d. 1715). The family lived near Richmond at the place in Chesterfield called Ozbornes, and owned the lands afterward the glebe of the parish. Peter, the third son and fourth of six children, was born at Osbornes, ...

    Peter Jeffersons formal education was quite neglected, according to his son Thomas, but being of a strong mind, sound judgment and eager after information, he read much and improved himself. The value that Peter Jefferson placed on education would be reflected in the schooling that was provided for his children.6 Meanwhile, the young Peter develope...

    In the early 1730s, Peter Jefferson expanded his landholdings by acquiring property on the Rivanna River in the Piedmont region of Virginia. A thousand acres of land was patented by 1735. William Randolph exchanged an additional 200 acres for Henry Weatherbourns biggest bowl of arrack punch, the reference being to Wetherburns Tavern in Williamsburg...

    On October 3, 1739, Peter Jefferson married Jane Randolph (1721-1776), the eldest daughter of his neighbor Isham Randolph.14 Ten children were born to Jane and Peter between 1740 and 1755. The young family moved to Jeffersons Piedmont property around 1740. Peter Jefferson was believed by his descendants to be perhaps the 3d or 4th settler in the re...

    The efforts of Jefferson and Fry did not go unrecognized. In 1750, Lewis Burwell, Acting Governor of Virginia, commissioned the two men to produce a map of the colony.22 The map was completed and printed the following year. Thomas Jefferson would describe his fathers famous accomplishment as the 1st map of Virginia which had ever been made.23

    When the colonys new map was complete, Peter Jefferson returned from Tuckahoe to Albemarle County. In addition to tobacco farming at Shadwell, Peter continued to serve as a magistrate and as a surveyor. He became county surveyor in Goochland beginning in 1751.24 Soon afterwards, Jefferson resumed duties as a justice of the peace in Albemarle County...

    Though he left no written records that might reveal the inner man, Peter Jefferson was clearly a vital member of his community. He was a perennial office-holder; his agricultural activities and material acquisitions provided employment for community residents; his mill and an ordinary, located on his property, provided important services for the ar...

    Life at Shadwell reflected the Jeffersons leadership position in Albemarle County. As members of the gentry, they maintained a refined residence that was suitable for entertaining their peers. Their extensive household inventory included numerous tables and chairs, a mirror and dressing glasses, books and bookcases, silverware and ceramics, and sci...

    Peter Jefferson became ill in the summer of 1757. He was attended by Dr. Thomas Walker, but failed to recover and died on August 17. The burial service took place at Shadwell.

  2. Peter Jefferson Peter Jefferson (1707/8-1757) was Thomas Jefferson’s father. [1] He was the son of Thomas Jefferson (c. 1677-1731) and Mary Field Jefferson (d. 1715). The family lived near Richmond “at the place in Chesterfield called Ozborne’s, and owned the lands afterward the glebe of the parish.”

  3. Peter Jefferson I (29 de febrero de 1708 – 17 de agosto de 1757), fue el padre del presidente estadounidense Thomas Jefferson II. Peter Jefferson fue el hijo de Thomas Jefferson I (1679-1731) y Mary Field (1680-1715). Nació en Osborne en el actual condado de Chesterfield en Virginia; Fue el tercer hijo de una familia de seis hijos.

  4. Peter Jefferson was born on February 8, 1708 near present day Richmond, Virginia in a family of the colonial gentry (Randolph 18). His grandfather, Thomas Jefferson, held the title of office surveyor of roads from 1687 until his death in 1697.

  5. In 1749, Peter Jefferson, along with Joshua Fry, Thomas Walker, Edmund Pendleton and others,established the Loyal Land Company, and were granted 800,000 acres (3,200 km²) in present-day Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.

  6. Peter Jefferson (born May 1945) is a former BBC Radio 4 continuity announcer . He was educated at the independent Halliford School in Shepperton, Middlesex. He joined the BBC in 1964 and became a Studio Manager in 1968. During this period, he worked for Radio 1, and read the news during the DJ Kenny Everett 's programme.