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  1. La caldera del diablo (nombre original en inglés: Peyton Place) fue una serie televisiva estadounidense que se emitió por ABC en episodios de media hora, entre el 15 de septiembre de 1964 y el 2 de junio de 1969. Basada en la novela de 1956 del mismo nombre creada por Grace Metalious, la serie fue precedida por una adaptación fílmica en 1957.

  2. Peyton Place TV Series 1964–1969 30 m IMDb RATING 7.3 /10 620 YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 4,847 149 Play trailer 1:24 1 Video 27 Photos Drama Romance The original primetime soap took place in the title town, which was founded by the Peyton family, whose members included the Harringtons.

    • (620)
    • 1964-09-15
    • Drama, Romance
    • Ed Nelson, Barbara Parkins, Warner Anderson
  3. Peyton Place is a 1957 American drama film starring Lana Turner, Hope Lange, Lee Philips, Lloyd Nolan, Diane Varsi, Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn, and Terry Moore. Directed by Mark Robson, it follows the residents of a small fictional New England mill town in the years surrounding World War II, where scandal, homicide, suicide, incest, and moral hypocrisy belie its tranquil façade. It is based on Grace Metalious's bestselling 1956 novel of the same name. Released in December 1957 ...

    • $1.8—$2.2 million
    • Jerry Wald
    • History
    • Major Changes Between The 1956 Novel and The Series
    • Plots
    • Characters
    • Schedules
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    With Peyton Place, ABC hoped to bring the success of the British serial Coronation Street to America. Inspired by that serial, it was decided that it should be aired in prime time. Producer Paul Monash wanted to launch a revival of Grace Metalious' novel of the same name. He refused to acknowledge it as a soap opera, calling it a 'high-class anthol...

    The book is set in the years surrounding World War II. The series was set in the decade it was produced.
    The entire Cross family, an important family in the novel, does not appear in the television series.
    In the novel, Michael Rossi was a high school teacher and the school principal. In the television series, he served as the town's doctor.
    In the novel, Matthew Swain was the town's doctor. In the television series, he serves as the editor of the local newspaper.

    The series opens with a shot of a church's steeple, and the words "Peyton Place" superimposed, with a tolling of church bells. Announcer Dick Tufeld announces "This is the continuing story of Peyton Place." The scene changes to scenes of the town square, a rolling brook, and a panoramic view of Peyton Place. It dissolves to cast members, and then n...

    Original cast

    Constance MacKenzie (Dorothy Malone, 1964–1968, episodes 1–435; 440 Lola Albrightbriefly played the role in Malone's absence) 1. Allison's mother and owner of a local book and gift shop. Although Constance initially has a good relationship with Allison, their relationship become strained after Allison finds out Constance lied to her about who her father is. Constance later marries Elliot Carson and has a son with him. Matthew Swain (Warner Anderson, 1964–1965, episodes 1–111) 1. The editor of...

    Later main characters

    Elliot Carson (Tim O'Connor, 1965–1968, episodes 25–435; 440) 1. Son of Eli, husband of Connie and father of Allison. He spent 18 years in jail for a false accusation and later became the editor of the local newspaper. He marries Connie and they have a son, Matthew; after several crises draw the couple in deep enough to compromise them, Elliot persuades Connie that they and their son deserve a new better life away from Peyton Place. Rita Jacks (Patricia Morrow, 1965–1969, episodes 52–514) 1....

    Secondary characters

    Eli Carson (Frank Ferguson, 1964–1969, episodes 18–507) 1. Caring father of Elliot Carson. Carson never had a substantial storyline and usually served as a person people went to for advice and a doting grandfather to Elliot and Constance's newborn son Matthew. Married Maggie Riggs during the last months of the series. Dr. Bradley (Charles Irving, 1964, episodes 22-29) 1. Doctor at the hospital, friend of Doctor Morton. Lied to protect Dr. Morton when Catherine Harrington died and nearly cost...

    When the show premiered in 1964, Peyton Place aired twice a week. Both installments of the show were Top 20 hits in the Nielsen ratings and this inspired ABC to air the show three times a week starting in the summer of 1965. This move caused trouble for people who followed the show religiously, and many people tuned out. The season ratings for Peyt...

    1964–65: 25.5
    1965–66: 19.5
    1966–67: 17.7
    1967–68: 16.1

    The first 163 episodes, consisting of the first season and part of the second season, was released by Shout! Factory. As of 2018, five sets were released: the first two in 2009, and three more in 2018.

    Cameron, Ardis (2015). Unbuttoning America: A Biography of "Peyton Place". Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. ISBN 9780801456091. (available online)

    • Soap opera
    • 5
    • 514
    • "Theme from Peyton Place"
  4. Peyton Place es una película estadounidense de 1957 dirigida por Mark Robson. Interpretada por Lana Turner , Diane Varsi , Hope Lange , Lee Philips y Arthur Kennedy en los papeles principales. Galardonada con tres premios Laurel de Oro 1957: al mejor drama, al mejor actor secundario (Arthur Kennedy); y a la mejor actriz secundaria (Diane Varsi).

  5. Peyton Place es una novela de 1956 escrita por Grace Metalious. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] La obra describe las complicadas vidas de tres mujeres en una pequeña ciudad conservadora de Nueva Inglaterra , con temas recurrentes como la hipocresía, las desigualdades sociales y los privilegios de la clase en una historia que incluye incesto, aborto, adulterio, lujuria y asesinato. [ 4 ]

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