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  1. English Braille, also known as Grade 2 Braille, is the braille alphabet used for English. It consists of around 250 letters , numerals, punctuation, formatting marks, contractions, and abbreviations . Some English Braille letters, such as ⠡ ch , correspond to more than one letter in print.

  2. Unified English Braille Code ( UEBC, formerly UBC, now usually simply UEB) is an English language Braille code standard, developed to permit representing the wide variety of literary and technical material in use in the English-speaking world today, in uniform fashion. Contents 1 Background on why the new encoding standard was developed

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    Braille ( / ˈbreɪl / BRAYL; French: [bʁɑj]) is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired, including people who are blind, deafblind or who have low vision. It can be read either on embossed paper or by using refreshable braille displays that connect to computers and smartphone devices.

  4. The Braille system is a way of writing things. It is named after Louis Braille, the French man who invented it. The system is used by blind people to read and write. The Braille system uses a set of raised bumps or dots that can be felt with a finger. Each set of dots is a character in an alphabet, and the numbers and some punctuation .