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  1. Rat Pack (Pandilla de ratas) fue el nombre con el que se conoció a un grupo de actores y músicos estadounidenses de la escena de Las Vegas que, reunidos como amigos, se generó alrededor primero de Humphrey Bogart y, a su muerte, alrededor de Frank Sinatra, y que trabajaron juntos en películas, conciertos, espectáculos, incluso en eventos políticos.

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    The Rat Pack was an informal group of entertainers, the second iteration of which ultimately made films and appeared together in Las Vegas casino venues. They originated as a group of A-list show business friends who met casually at the Los Angeles home of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

  3. 22/08/1998 · The Rat Pack: Directed by Rob Cohen. With Ray Liotta, Joe Mantegna, Don Cheadle, Angus Macfadyen. The public and private lives of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford.

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  4. 30/03/2020 · The Rat Pack is the epitome of Mad Men-style old-school cool. As effortlessly awesome as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop appeared to be, there was actually a lot of turmoil and sadness behind the scenes. This is the tragic history of the Rat Pack.

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    For starters, the story of the Rat Pack does not begin with Sinatra and his pals. Instead, it begins with vintage Hollywood icon Humphrey Bogart, who used to invite his famous friends (including Sinatra, but also the likes of Judy Garland, Angie Dickinson, and countless others) over to his home, where they'd drink the evenings away in the late 1940s. "You look like a goddamn rat pack," Bogart's wife, actress Lauren Bacall, once exclaimed as she walked in on her husband and his buddies having a good time — and the name stuck. And when Bogart succumbed to esophageal cancer in 1957, the unofficial torch of ringleader passed to Sinatra. Sinatra then brought cronies Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. into the coveted fold. Soon, with other members like actor Peter Lawford and comedian Joey Bishop often in tow, this late 1950s incarnation of the Rat Pack is the version that we remember today. Of course, Sinatra originally called this new gathering "the Clan," but Davis voiced concerns for ob...

    They were crooners and comedians with pipes and style, the epitome of late 1950s and early 1960s masculinity and swagger. Their female companions: Marilyn Monroe and Shirley MacLaine. Their hobbies: womanizing and drinking. But in spite of — or more likely because of — their roguish charm, middle-class America fell in love with the talent, charisma, and wit of these Vegas mainstays. Films, albums, charity benefits... it seemed that everything they touched turned to gold. In various permutations, they released more than a dozen films between the late 1950s and late 1960s, with standouts like Ocean's 11 and Robin and the 7 Hoodsepitomizing their style and standing the test of time. Meanwhile, they dazzled audiences on stage in Vegas — and elsewhere — night after night. And throughout it all, they always looked like they were having a blast. To quote Vanity Fair, "The Rat Pack is the Mount Rushmore of men having fun." This jet-set performed hard — but played harder. The high-living kin...

    As the mid-1960s became the late 1960s, the unstoppable popularity of Sinatra and the gang started to fizzle. The Beatles and all that followed had taken over the music scene and both the Vietnam War and the civil rights movementturned the political climate serious in a way that it hadn't been in the relatively carefree days of the early 1960s. America had turned a corner and Sinatra and company were no longer the stars they once were. However, the Rat Pack wasn't quite done with the spotlight forever. An aging Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. got together for a reunion tour slated for 1988. For a brief moment, the pack was back as venues sold out and audiences relived old memories. Behind the scenes, however, the passage of time had broken the magic. Martin dropped out after just five shows, supposedly because of health issues. The tour then rebranded, bringing in Liza Minnelli, but rumors of Sinatra's people hoarding subsequent profits irritated a financially strugg...

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  3. 100,000+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

    Looking for Pack Rat? Try searching for Packrat Moving at Find all the information you need for Packrat Moving online on Search now!

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