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  1. Richard Burbage. Portrait of Richard Burbage, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London. Richard Burbage (c. 1567 – 13 March 1619) was an English stage actor, widely considered to have been one of the most famous actors of the Globe Theatre and of his time. In addition to being a stage actor, he was also a theatre owner, entrepreneur, and painter.

  2. Richard Burbage (h. 7 de julio de 1568 - 13 de marzo de 1619) fue un actor y propietario de un teatro en la época isabelina. Era hijo de James Burbage y el hermano menor de Cuthbert Burbage . Burbage venía de una familia de actores y era un intérprete popular a los 20 años. Estuvo entre los actores de la compañía de Robert Dudley, primer ...

  3. Richard Burbage, (born c. 1567, London—died March 9/13, 1619, London, Eng.), English actor, first player of Shakespeare’s Richard III, Romeo, Henry V, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, and Lear. The son of the actor and theatre manager and owner James Burbage, Richard had attained wide popularity as an actor by age 20. He was a member of the Earl of Leicester’s company and remained with it ...

  4. Richard Burbage (6 January 1567 – 12 March 1619) was an English stage actor and theatre owner. He was the younger brother of Cuthbert Burbage. They were both actors in drama. The son of James Burbage, a joiner who became a theatrical impresario, Burbage was a popular actor by his early 20s. His early acting career is poorly documented.

  5. Richard Burbage (1567-1619) was one of Shakespeare’s closest associates and his partner in their many theatre activities. They were joint owners of The Globe Theatre, together with John Heminges, Augustine Phillips and Thomas Pope. Shakespeare left him twenty-six shillings and eightpence in his will to buy a ring.

  6. Richard Burbage (7 de julio de 1568-13 de marzo de 1619) fue un actor teatral inglés. Su padre, James Burbage, fue el arquitecto de la construcción del Teatro Blackfriars. Ricardo heredó los dos teatros y en 1613 hizo reconstruir el globo terráqueo después de que un incendio lo destruyera por completo.

  7. Richard Burbage leased it to an acting company called the Children of the Chapel, but, after they could not make the payments, Burbage bought back the lease with his brother and four new partners from the King's Men - Shakespeare, Henry Condell, William Sly, and John Heminge. Richard Burbage was also a wonderful painter.

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