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  1. In the next of the Plantations of Ireland, the confiscated land was granted to the "Adventurers".The new owners were known as "planters". The Adventurers were financiers who had loaned the Parliament £10 million in 1642, specifically to reverse the 1641 rebellion, and the Act had been signed into law by Charles I just before the start of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (see Adventurers Act).

  2. Thomas Cromwell, primo conte di Essex (Putney, 1485 circa – Tower Hill, 28 luglio 1540), è stato un politico inglese. Servì come primo ministro di re Enrico VIII dal 1532 al 1540. Il Lord Protettore d'Inghilterra, Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658), discendeva dalla sorella di Thomas, Catherine Cromwell.

  3. Connery war – als gealterter Robin Hood – auch sein Schauspielpartner in Robin und Marian (1976), in dem Harris die historische Figur des grausamen Kreuzzüglers Richard Löwenherz porträtierte. Eine weitere historische Rolle übernahm er als Titeldarsteller in Cromwell – Krieg dem König (1970).

  4. Bibsys: 4012379 Biblioteca Nacional de España: XX1297371 Bibliothèque nationale de France: cb138949964 (data) Gemeinsame Normdatei: 118961934 International Standard Name Identifier: 0000 0001 2148 4807 Library of Congress Control Number: n88678708 MusicBrainz: 9a976838-8e77-4065-bdbb-748d17ad773b Nationale Bibliotheek van Tsjechië: js20021202012 Nationale bibliotheek van Australië ...

  5. Richard Brandon (died 20 June 1649) was the common executioner of London from 1639 to 1649, who inherited his role from his father Gregory Brandon and was sometimes known as Young Gregory. Richard Brandon is often named as the executioner of Charles I , though the executioner's identity is not definitely known.