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  1. Inconceivable nature of nature.

  2. 理查德·菲利普斯·费曼(英語: Richard Phillips Feynman ,1918年5月11日-1988年2月15日),美国 理论物理学家,以对量子力学的路径积分表述、量子电动力学、过冷液氦的超流性以及粒子物理学中 部分子模型 ( 英语 : parton model ) 的研究闻名于世。

  3. Superfluids in astrophysics. The idea that superfluidity exists inside neutron stars was first proposed by Arkady Migdal. By analogy with electrons inside superconductors forming Cooper pairs because of electron-lattice interaction, it is expected that nucleons in a neutron star at sufficiently high density and low temperature can also form Cooper pairs because of the long-range attractive ...

  4. The complete method was developed in 1948 by Richard Feynman. Some preliminaries were worked out earlier in his doctoral work under the supervision of John Archibald Wheeler . The original motivation stemmed from the desire to obtain a quantum-mechanical formulation for the Wheeler–Feynman absorber theory using a Lagrangian (rather than a Hamiltonian ) as a starting point.

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