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  1. Robert Baldwin (12 de mayo de 1804 – 9 de diciembre de 1858) nació en York (hoy Toronto).Junto con su compañero en la política Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, lideró el primer ministerio responsable en la historia de Canadá, que algunos consideran el primer gobierno realmente canadiense.

  2. Robert Baldwin (May 12, 1804 – December 9, 1858) was an Upper Canadian lawyer and politician who with his political partner Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine of Lower Canada, led the first responsible government ministry in the Province of Canada.

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    The eldest son of William Warren Baldwin, Robert was called to the bar in 1825. Temperamentally and intellectually unlike his gifted father, the shy, introspective Robert entered politics in 1829 as a Reformer, winning a seat in the Assembly in a by-election. Defeated the following year he retired to private life. Melancholic, withdrawn, tortured by doubts and demons, his life and happiness revolved around his family and most especially his wife (they were married in 1827). Her death on 11 January 1836 shattered him emotionally and may explain the severe depressive illness that plagued him in later years. Despite his grief and a profound distaste for public life, he was impelled to accept office as an executive councillor the following month by his Christian sense of duty. The resignation in March 1836 of Baldwin and the other councillors over Lieutenant-Governor Francis Bond Head’s refusal to consult them plunged the colony into the gravest political and constitutional crisis prior...

    Although not a natural politician or a towering intellect, Baldwin commanded respect and exercised moral leadership by reason of his character. In a pre-industrial society that revered the code of gentlemen, he embodied the cherished virtues of adherence to honour, duty and principle. Each time he gained office he left it by resignation rather than compromise his principles. In 1841, Baldwin was solicitor general in Governor General Lord Sydenham’s ministry and an executive councillor. He resigned that June when the governor refused to implement responsible government. In the Assembly, Baldwin and LaFontaine steadily attracted members to the cause of responsible government until they had built a majority. They attained office in 1842–43 and again in 1848–51, the latter the so-called “Great Ministry.” The first government was active and successful, but a conflict with Governor Metcalfeover his refusal to consult them on patronage led to their resignations in November 1843. During thi...

    In the second ministry, his great accomplishments were the formal attainment of responsible government and its confirmation during the Rebellion Losses crisis of 1849, the establishment of University of Toronto, reform of the Upper Canadian judiciary, and establishment of an adequate system of municipal government in the upper province. Baldwin’s hold on power was weakened, however, by a left-wing revolt in the party (by the Clear Grits), by his own deteriorating health, and by differences over economic policy with Francis Hincks. Discouraged and wracked by depression Baldwin resigned on 30 June 1851. Later that year he sought re-election but was defeated. The tormented figure withdrew to his home, to give himself over to the rituals of his preoccupation with his dead wife. As a man Baldwin was little understood or loved by contemporaries, or historians. He had failed to preserve the social order he sought to defend, but his reputation is secure as the popularizer of responsible gov...

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    Ross nació en Tours, Francia, pero se trasladó a Gran Bretaña siendo muy pequeño. Originalmente, su padre procedía de Ulster y su madre de Canadá. Su padre había sido fiscal general del estado del Alto Canadá y su abuelo fue el Primer Ministro canadiense Rober Baldwin. Mientras trabajaba como periodista y crítico, sostuvo haber sido el primer amante masculino de Oscar Wilde,[2]​ permaneciéndole leal para lo bueno y para lo malo, y llegando a ser finalmente su albacea literario. Ésta no fue una tarea fácil. Significó localizar y comprar los derechos de todos los textos de Wilde, que habían sido liquidados junto con todas sus posesiones cuando fue declarado en bancarrota. También significó luchar contra el proliferante negocio en el mercado negro, seguido al arresto de Wilde, de copias de sus libros y, en particular, de libros, normalmente eróticos, que no escribió pero que fueron publicados ilegalmente bajo su nombre. Los derechos de todas las obras de Wilde, junto con el dinero gana...

    Se han escrito tres biografías capitales sobre la vida de Ross. 1. Robbie Ross (2000), de Jonathan Fryer 2. Wilde's Devoted Friend (1990), de Maureen Borland. 3. The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde (2003), de Neil McKenna. Robert Ross es asimismo el protagonista de la novela The Wars (1977), de Timothy Findley, es llamado así por Robert Baldwin Ross. Ross fue representado por Emrys Jones la película de 1960, Los juicios de Oscar Wilde y por Michael Sheen en la película de 1997, Wilde.

    Borland, Maureen (1990) (en inglés). Wilde's Devoted Friend: A Life of Robert Ross 1869 - 1918. Oxford: Lennard. ISBN 1-85291-085-2..
    Fryer, Jonathan (2000) (en inglés). Robbie Ross: Oscar Wilde's True Love. London: Constable & Robinson. ISBN 0-09-479770-6.. (U.S. Title: Robbie Ross: Oscar Wilde's Devoted Friend).
    Oscar Wildeby Richard Ellmann (en inglés), publicado en 1987.
    Brian Busby, Character Parts: Who's Really Who in Canlit, Toronto: Knopf, 2003. p. 221-222. ISBN 0-676-97579-8
  3. Robert Baldwin (ロバート・ボールドウィン, Robāto Bōrudowin, born September 27, 1965) is a Canadian-Japanese actor. Baldwin, born in Eba, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, has appeared in many Japanese films, television series, advertisements, and music videos, and also works in Japan as a translator, narrator, and copywriter.

  4. Robert Baldwin, Actor: They Meet Again. Robert Baldwin was born on January 7, 1904 in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA as Robert Browning Baldwin. He was an actor, known for They Meet Again (1941), Meet Dr. Christian (1939) and Remedy for Riches (1940).

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    • January 7, 1904
    • Robert Baldwin
    • January 13, 1996
  5. Robert-Baldwin is a provincial electoral district in the Montreal region of Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec.It includes a portion of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough of Montreal as well as the city of Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

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