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  1. Amelia Anne "Emily" Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry (20 February 1772 – 12 February 1829), from 1794 until 1821 generally known as Lady Castlereagh (UK: / ˈ k ɑː s əl r eɪ /), was the wife of the Georgian-era Irish statesman Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, who from 1812 to 1822 was British Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons.

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    Napoleon's disastrous losses in Russia in 1812 broke his spell, and Britain could again weld an alliance with Russia, Prussia, and Austria against his restless domination. By the end of 1813 the Allies had reached the Rhine and the Duke of Wellington had crossed the Pyrenees, but differences in aims and tactics were bubbling to the surface. The great problem now was to unite the Allies for an agreed settlement that would ensure a durable peace. Castlereagh proposed that France be allowed the boundaries of 1792 but be contained by independent buffer states and by balanced Great Powers. If these objectives were reached, Britain would return the colonies captured during the Napoleonic Wars. When Napoleon spurned these terms, Castlereagh succeeded in 1814 in pledging the Allies at Chaumont to a continuing Quadruple Alliance. Napoleon could not rally the weary French against invasion, and the First Treaty of Paris (May 30, 1814), made with the restored Bourbon government, embodied Castle...

    The next 4 years put Castlereagh under enormous strain. Severe economic depression and widespread agitation roused European governments to almost panic fear of revolution. In Britain the archconservatives in the Cabinet insisted on the repressive "Six Acts," for which Castlereagh bore the major responsibility in the Commons. The bill of divorce for Queen Caroline, on which George IVinsisted, was also highly unpopular. And Castlereagh was attacked for consorting with the autocrats of the Alliance, who now repressed their own people and intervened in other states to suppress constitutionalist movements. Moreover, he was damaged by his icy reserve (attributed to shyness, for with friends and colleagues he had tact and charm), his disdain for criticism, and his stilted language. Actually, he was bending every diplomatic effort to dissuade the Austrian foreign minister, Metternich, from turning the congress system into an organization for suppressing constitutionalist movements. In 1820-...

    C. K. Webster has influenced all subsequent biographies with the two most thorough studies of Castlereagh's major work: The Foreign Policy of Castlereagh, 1812-1815 (1931) and The Foreign Policy of Castlereagh, 1815-1822 (1925; 2d ed. 1934). Also valuable are Sir J. A. R. Marriott, Castlereagh (1936); lone Leigh, Castlereagh (1951), particularly for the earlier years; C. J. Bartlett, Castlereagh (1967), a readable and balanced analysis of Castlereagh's career; and Bradford Perkin's important study, Castlereagh and Adams: Britain and the United States, 1812-1823(1964).

    Derry, John W. (John Wesley), Castlereagh,London: A. Lane, 1976. Hinde, Wendy, Castlereagh,London: Collins, 1981. □

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    • 20 Feb 1772England
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    • 12 Feb 1829 (aged 56)England
  3. Robert Stewart, II marqués de Londonderry ( 18 de junio de 1769 - 12 de agosto de 1822 ), conocido en la historia como Lord Castlereagh, fue un estadista irlandés y británico. Stewart nació en Dublín, hijo de Robert Stewart, un prominente terrateniente irlandés que fue miembro del Parlamento inglés y que fue hecho marqués de Londonderry ...

  4. Amelia Anne " Emily " Stewart, marquesa de Londonderry (febrero 20, 1772 hasta febrero 12, 1829 ), desde 1794 hasta 1821 conoce generalmente como Señora Castlereagh ( Reino Unido : / k ɑː s əl r eɪ / ), era la esposa del georgiano era el estadista irlandés Robert Stewart, vizconde de Castlereagh , quien de 1812 a 1822 fue secretario de Relaciones Exteriores británico y líder de la ...

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  6. The Viscountess Castlereagh, later Marchioness of Londonderry, wife of the 7 th Marquess, née The Hon. Edith Chaplin, D.B.E., J.P., was born in 1878, the eldest daughter of 1 t Viscount Chaplin. She married Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, later 7 th Marquess of Londonderry, in November 1899.

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    relacionado con: Viscountess Castlereagh
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