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    hace 2 días · România este un stat situat în sud-estul Europei Centrale, pe cursul inferior al Dunării, la nord de peninsula Balcanică și la țărmul nord-vestic al Mării Negre. [8] Pe teritoriul ei este situată aproape toată suprafața Deltei Dunării și partea sudică și centrală a Munților Carpați.

  2. Hace 19 horas · the earliest written evidence of people living in the territory of present-day romania comes from herodotus in book iv of his histories, which was written in c. 440 bc; he writes that the tribal union/confederation of the getae were defeated by the persian emperor darius the great during his campaign against the scythians, and describes the …

  3. hace 3 días · Romania is the largest electronics producer in Central and Eastern Europe. [50] In the past 20 years Romania has also grown into a major center for mobile technology, information security, and related hardware research. The country is a regional leader in fields such as IT and motor vehicle production.

    • Calendar year
    • Leu (RON, L)
  4. hace 2 días · This is a list of cities and towns in Romania, ordered by population (largest to smallest) according to the 2002 and 2011 censuses. [1] For the major cities, average altitude is also given. Cities in bold are county capitals.

    Population (2011) [2]
    Population (2002)
    • County capital (Romanian: reședință de județ)
  5. hace 3 días · Zu den Bodenschätzen Rumäniens gehören Erdgas, Kohle (vor allem Braunkohle), Salz, Gold und Erdöl. Das Land wird zu 41 % durch Ackerland genutzt, zu 29 % durch Wald, zu 21 % durch Weide und zu 3 % durch permanente Saat. Rumänien erwirtschaftete im Jahr 2020 ein Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) von etwa 223 Mrd.

  6. hace 2 días · an attested reference to romanian comes from a latin title of an oath made in 1485 by the moldavian prince stephen the great to the polish king casimir, in which it is reported that "haec inscriptio ex valachico in latinam versa est sed rex ruthenica lingua scriptam accepta"—this inscription was translated from valachian (romanian) into latin, …