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  1. Masha Bruskina. Masha Bruskina was a Russian teenage female partisan. She was a 17 year old Jewish high school graduate and was the first teenage girl to be publicly hanged by the Nazis in Belorussia ( Belarus ), since the German invasion of Soviet Union on the 22nd of June 1941 .

  2. Masha Bruskina with fellow resistance members before hanging, Minsk, October 26, 1941. After the victories of the Wehrmacht against the Red Army in 1941, Belarus was one of the Soviet republics that came under control of Nazi Germany ( Operation Barbarossa ).

  3. His teenage son Moishe, George's father, worked as a leather cutter for women's shoes. His mother, Roza Bruskina, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Moishe met Roza in Vilnius where her father worked as a furrier. She and her family moved to New York because of increasing anti-Jewish sentiment in Russia, changing her first name to Rose.