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  1. Rupert of the Palatinate (German: Ruprecht von der Pfalz; 5 May 1352 – 18 May 1410), sometimes known as Robert of the Palatinate, a member of the House of Wittelsbach, was Elector Palatine from 1398 (as Rupert III) and King of Germany from 1400 until his death.

  2. University. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität. Established in 1386 by Count Palatinate Ruprecht I, Germany’s oldest and most prestigious university comprises 12 faculties with 30,000 German and international students, and has an esteemed alumni that includes a roll-call of Nobel Laureates.

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    Pfalzgraf Ruprecht I. (1329–1353) verpfändete 1335 Steuern der Juden in Ladenburg an den Kaiser Ludwig. Im Jahr 1349, während der Großen Pest, wurden Juden in vielen Städten und Gemeinden der Kurpfalz verfolgt und getötet. Pfalzgraf Ruprecht und andere Adlige nahmen geflohene Juden auf, sie hofften wirtschaftlich von ihnen zu profitieren.

  4. In 1386, Ruprecht I, Elector of the Palatinate, was granted permission by the Pope to establish the university in his home city of Heidelberg. In the 16 th Century it gained a reputation as a Calvinist stronghold, while in the 19 th Century it was known for its commitment to liberal and democratic ideals.

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  6. 普法爾茨戰場 ( 英语 : Palatinate campaign ) (1620年-1623年) 巴特克罗伊茨纳赫 ( 英语 : Siege of Bad Kreuznach ) 奥彭海姆 ( 英语 : Capture of Oppenheim ) 巴哈拉赫 ( 英语 : Capture of Bacharach ) 明戈尔斯海姆 ( 英语 : Battle of Mingolsheim ) 温普芬 ( 英语 : Battle ...

  7. 13/06/2015 · 拿破崙戰爭時期,法國和普魯士、奧地利發生數次戰爭,加上法國大革命精神的傳播,德意志民族主義逐步覺醒。 在法軍佔領普魯士期間,約翰·戈特利布·費希特發表了十餘場演講(收錄於《對德意志民族的演講》),大大鼓舞了德意志的仁人志士。