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  1. hace 3 días · Russian Provisional Government. The Russian Empire, commonly referred to as Imperial Russia, was a historical empire that extended across Eurasia from 1721, succeeding the Tsardom of Russia following the Treaty of Nystad that ended the Great Northern War.

  2. hace 2 días · Russian intervention in the Commonwealth marked, with the Silent Sejm, the beginning of a 200-year domination of that region by the Russian Empire. In celebration of his conquests, Peter assumed the title of emperor, and the Russian Tsardom officially became the Russian Empire in 1721.

  3. hace 4 días · Main article: Russian Empire–United States relations. Fort Ross, Russian settlement in California, 1841, by Ilya Gavrilovich Voznesensky. Official contacts between the Russian Empire and the new United States of America began in 1776. Russia, while formally neutral during the American Revolution (1765–1783), favored the U.S.

  4. hace 4 días · During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Russian Empire had not only the largest Jewish population in the world, but actually a majority of the world's Jews living within its borders. In 1897, according to Russian census of 1897, the total Jewish population of Russia was 5,189,401 persons of both sexes (4.13% of total population).

    • 10,000–11,000
    • 1,200,000
    • 178,500
    • 159,548–165,000
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    hace 2 días · La Russie, en forme longue fédération de Russie, est un État fédéral transcontinental, le plus vaste État de la planète, à cheval sur l'Asie du Nord et sur l'Europe. D'ouest en est, son territoire s'étend de la mer Baltique au détroit de Behring sur plus de 6 600 kilomètres, avec une superficie de 17 125 191 km2, soit 11,5 % des terres émergées. Limitrophe de l'Océan Arctique au nord, la Russie est caractérisée par un climat continental avec des hivers ...

  6. hace 3 días · The Russian Empire became a de facto republic, headed by a Provisional Government dominated by liberals. In a celebratory mood, Stalin travelled by train to Petrograd in March. [159] There, Stalin and a fellow Bolshevik Lev Kamenev assumed control of Pravda , [160] and Stalin was appointed the Bolshevik representative to the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet , an influential council ...

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    hace 2 días · The first car in the Russian Empire, a Mercedes-Benz belonging to V. Navrotsky, came to Odessa from France in 1891. He was a popular city publisher of the newspaper The Odessa Leaf . The M05 Highway links Odessa with the nation's capital, Kyiv.

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    relacionados con: Russian Empire wikipedia