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    Jalal-ad-Din carried out some more campaigns in India, including a raid in Gujarat, but none against Iltutmish. He left the Indian frontier in 1223–1224; according to his biographer Shihab al-Din Muhammad al-Nasawi , he did so because he received the news that Iltutmish, Qabacha, and several Hindu chiefs ("rais and thakurs") had formed an alliance against him. [22]

  2. Ghias ad-din c.1223 (annulled 1226) two children Period marked by Mongol invasions of Georgia. The queen was forced to accept the sovereignty of the Mongol Khan in 1242, to pay an annual tribute and to support the Mongols with a Georgian army. David VI & I the Younger (დავით VI ნარინი) 1225 Son of Ghias ad-din and Queen ...

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    Saddam's Presidential Secretary and Key Advisor Abed Mahmoud Hammud M Saddam's Presidential Secretary and Key Advisor Abid Hamid Mahmoud Al-Tikriti FR Abid Hamid Bid Hamid Mahmoud FR Abed Mahmoud Hammoud FR 1957 (approximative) al-Awja, near Tikrit IRQ Ali Hassan Al-Majid Al-Tikriti M Presidential Advisor and Senior Member of Revolutionary Command Council Al-Kimawi M Presidential Advisor and ...