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  1. 23/05/2018 · Shakespeare Quiney was born in Nov 1616. He died in infancy, aged 6 months, in May 1617. Richard Quiney was born in Oct 1617. He died in Jan 1639 aged 21 (possibly of the plague). Thomas Quiney was born in Jan 1619. He also died in Jan 1639, the same month as his brother, aged 19 (possibly of the plague). So none of the children of Judith survived to continue the Shakespeare line. (1)

    • November 23, 1616
  2. Thomas Quiney The following is an imagined account from the life of Thomas Quiney, who married Judith Shakespeare, William Shakespeare 's daughter in 1616. His and Judith's three children did not survive to adulthood. Transcript:

  3. Thomas Quiney and Judith Shakespeare summoned to appear at the Bishop’s court on their citation for having married in Lent without securing a license In the months after Thomas Quiney’s marriage to Judith Shakespeare, both he and probably his new wife were excommunicated for their failure to respond to the charge that they had not sought a license to marry during Lent, the church season before Easter.

  4. 06/05/2022 · Richard Quiney addressed the letter to Shakespeare Oct. 25, 1598, asking for the loan of some few pounds. The place where the epistle was penned was the Old Bell Tavern, in Carter Lane, St. Paul's ...

  5. Judith Quiney, née Shakespeare, was the younger daughter of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway and the fraternal twin of their only son Hamnet Shakespeare. She married Thomas Quiney, a vintner of Stratford-upon-Avon. The circumstances of the marriage, including Quiney's misconduct, may have prompted the rewriting of Shakespeare's will. Thomas was struck out, while Judith's inheritance was attached with provisions to safeguard it from her husband. The bulk of Shakespeare's ...

    • Judith Shakespeare, c. 1585
    • 9 February 1662 (aged 77)
    • 3
    • English
  6. Judith Quiney The following is an imagined account from the life of Judith Shakespeare (also known as Judith Quiney), William Shakespeare 's younger daughter. She married Thomas Quiney in 1616, but their marriage was followed by scandal. All three of her children died before adulthood. Transcript: My father? Yes, I suppose he was an important man.