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  1. hace 5 días · The Sicilian Mafia, also simply known as the Mafia and frequently referred to as La Cosa Nostra (Italian: [ˈkɔːza ˈnɔstra, ˈkɔːsa -], Sicilian: [ˈkɔːsa ˈnɔʂː(ɽ)a]; "our thing") by its members, is an Italian Mafia-terrorist-type organized crime syndicate and criminal society originating in the region of Sicily and dating to at least the 19th century.

    • since the 19th century
    • Stidda, and occasionally their allies
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    hace 3 días · Cicero served as quaestor in western Sicily in 75 BC and demonstrated honesty and integrity in his dealings with the inhabitants. As a result, the grateful Sicilians asked Cicero to prosecute Gaius Verres, a governor of Sicily, who had badly plundered the province.

  3. hace 5 días · Arabs invaded Sicily in the 9th century, introducing spinach, almonds, and rice. During the 12th century, a Norman king surveyed Sicily and saw people making long strings made from flour and water called atriya, which eventually became trii, a term still used for spaghetti in southern Italy.

  4. hace 4 días · Palermo Football Club, known as Palermo F.C. or more simply Palermo ( Italian pronunciation: [paˈlɛrmo] ( listen); Sicilian: Palermu, locally [paˈlɛmmʊ] ), is an Italian football club based in the Sicilian city of Palermo originally founded on 1 November 1900. The current club is the reincarnation of Unione Sportiva Città di Palermo ...

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    hace 5 días · Carthage (Latin: Carthago) was an ancient city in modern Tunisia.. The city developed from a Phoenician colony into one of the most affluent cities of BC.. The ancient city was destroyed by the Roman Republic in the Third Punic War after the Battle of Carthage (c. 149 BC) and later rebuilt as Roman Carthage, which became capital of the Roman province of Africa.