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  1. A less imposing figure than his father, the elegant and refined Sigismund II Augustus was nevertheless an even more effective statesman than the stern and majestic Sigismund I the Old. Sigismund II possessed to a high degree the tenacity and patience that seem to have characterized all the Jagiellons , and he added to these qualities a dexterity and diplomatic finesse.

  2. Sigismund's attempt to grasp unlimited authority resulted in the Zebrzydowski rebellion, an armed insurrection formed in 1606 by Hetman Mikołaj Zebrzydowski, Jan Szczęsny Herburt, Stanisław Stadnicki, Aleksander Józef Lisowski and Prince Janusz Radziwiłł in Stężyca and Lublin.

  3. Prince Friedrich Karl Nikolaus of Prussia (20 March 1828 – 15 June 1885) was the son of Prince Charles of Prussia (1801–1883) and his wife, Princess Marie of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1808–1877). Prince Friedrich Karl was a grandson of King Frederick William III of Prussia and a nephew of Frederick William IV and William I .

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  5. Prince Frederick was twenty-eight years old when his father Frederick William I died and he ascended to the throne of Prussia. Before his accession, Frederick was told by D'Alembert, "The philosophers and the men of letters in every land have long looked upon you, Sire, as their leader and model."

  6. Left no male descendants. Bernburg reverted to Anhalt-Dessau. Definitively annexed to the Principality of Anhalt-Dessau: Leopold IV Frederick: 1 October 1794 1817-1863 22 May 1871 Anhalt-Dessau: Frederica Wilhelmina of Prussia 18 April 1818 Berlin six children Prince of Anhalt-Dessau, ended the regency in Kothen after his cousin's death (1818).

  7. From 1932, Prince Gustaf Adolf was chairman of the Swedish Scout Council and from 1937 honorary chairman of the International Scout Committee. Since 1933, the prince was also chairman of the Central Board of the Swedish Sports Confederation , the Swedish Central Association for Sports Promotion ( Centralföreningen för idrottens främjande ) and the Swedish Olympic Committee .