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  1. Sigismund III Vasa (Polish: Zygmunt III Waza, Lithuanian: Žygimantas Vaza; 20 June 1566 – 30 April 1632 N.S.) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1587 to 1632 and, as Sigismund, King of Sweden and Grand Duke of Finland from 1592 to 1599.

  2. Despite this, Protestantism in Poland ultimately declined during the fierce Counter-Reformation measures under the despotic and arch-Catholic Sigismund III Vasa, who ruled for nearly 45 years. For instance, the Polish Brethren were banned, hunted down and its leaders executed. Patronage

  3. Władysław IV Vasa or Ladislaus IV of Poland (9 June 1595 – 20 May 1648) was King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and claimant of the thrones of Sweden and Russia. Władysław IV was the eldest son of Sigismund III Vasa and his first wife, Anna of Austria .

  4. Johan III var son till drottning Margareta och kung Gustav Vasa. Han var bror till Karl IX och Magnus och halvbror till Erik XIV. Han var gift från 4 oktober 1562 med Katarina Jagellonica (1526–1583), med vilken han förutom Sigismund också hade dottern Anna Vasa, och från 21 februari 1585 med Gunilla Johansdotter (Bielke) (1568–1597).

  5. Henry III's reign as King of France, like those of his elder brothers Francis and Charles, would see France in constant turmoil over religion. Henry continued to take an active role in the Wars of Religion, and in 1572/1573 led the siege of La Rochelle , a massive military assault on the Huguenot-held city. [24]

  6. His father, Sigismund III, the grandson of Gustav I of Sweden, had in 1592 succeeded his own father to the Swedish throne, only to be deposed in 1599 by his uncle, Charles IX of Sweden. This led to a long-standing feud wherein the Polish kings of the House of Vasa claimed the Swedish throne, resulting in the Polish–Swedish War of 1600–1629.

  7. Augustus III inherited the Saxon electorate without any problems, but his election to the Polish throne was much more complicated. Shortly before the ailing king died, Prussia, Austria and Russia signed a pact known as the Treaty of the Three Black Eagles , which would prevent Augustus III and Stanisław Leszczyński from inheriting the Polish throne.