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  1. Hace 4 días · Casting himself as the sort of Frank Sinatra -style singer his mother had always adored, Ringo recorded Sentimental Journey, an album of songs from the twenties, thirties, and forties. This was the last thing Beatlemaniacs wished to hear... Greil Marcus (May 14, 1970). "Ringo Starr". Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on August 28, 2018.

  2. Hace 4 días · Frank Sinatra discography. American vocalist Frank Sinatra recorded 59 studio albums and 297 singles in his solo career, spanning 54 years. Sinatra signed with Columbia Records in 1943; his debut album The Voice of Frank Sinatra was released in 1946.

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  3. 8 de mar. de 2023 · The impeccable sound of those records, combined with Sinatra’s fame, earned Capitol Studios renown as a state-of-the-art recording facility. From 1968 onwards, when artists not signed to Capitol ...

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  4. 20 de mar. de 2023 · The legacy of Frank Sinatra – one of the world’s most enduring singers – includes a studio album no one anticipated: Watertown. Recorded in 1969 and released in 1970, the concept of Watertown unfolds as a personal tragedy about a working man with children whose wife suddenly leaves him. Sinatra’s performance elicits sadness, defeat and forlornness.

  5. 1 de mar. de 2023 · In 1969, when Frank Sinatra recorded Watertown, he was 54 and though many regarded him as an iconic artist who was still “king of the hill and top of the heap,” the pop world that he knew was ...

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  6. In truth, “Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely” is a glimpse into the mind of a beaten, sad, bitter, and heartbroken drunk. However, this theme isn’t really established until you’re seven songs in at “Blues In The Night”. You see, up to that specific track, the lyrics were always concise, Frank’s tone was more declarative ...