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  1. El siguiente contenido muestra una lista de episodios de la serie de televisión estadounidense Smallville, el cual se empezó a emitir originalmente en Estados Unidos el 16 de octubre de 2001. Las primeras cinco temporadas estuvieron al aire en la emisora televisiva estadounidense The WB ; tras su fusión con la UPN , formando el reciente canal The CW en septiembre de 2006.

  2. As Lex helps Lana prepare for the re-opening of the Smallville theater, The Talon, as a coffee shop, a man from Lex's past, named Jude Royce, arrives in town and begins stalking Lex wanting to hold him in conjunction with a shooting death at Club Zero in Metropolis three years ago that Lex may have been responsible for.

  3. TV Shows: Smallville fanfiction archive with over 14,708 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

  4. In this instance, the Smallville team wanted to get rid of Clark's spaceship in the finale, because they felt that the characters would not realistically travel to the storm cellar that often. With the introduction of the Kawatche caves in season two, the creative team had the Kryptonian connection they needed in order to safely rid themselves of the spaceship. [10] "

  5. 01/08/2009 · After Smallville Season 5 I felt that Clark and Lois should have gotten together in Season 6 and if they did I believe they will still have the romantic relationship in Season 9 and 10 LINK 1 / 6

  6. As a massive tornado approaches Smallville, Clark finds a missing piece of the spaceship that carried him to Earth. The activated craft gives Clark the first clue as to where he came from. Meanwhile, Lex’s father, Lionel, closes the plant and orders Lex to return to Metropolis, and the reporter Lex hired to spy on the Kents discovers Clark's abilities and the spaceship hidden in the storm ...

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