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  1. d (1) : an area constructed, equipped, or marked for sports. a football field. (2) : the portion of an indoor or outdoor sports area enclosed by the running track and on which field events are conducted. (3) : any of the three sections of a baseball outfield. hits to all fields.

  2. the field. a place where you are working or studying in real situations, rather than from an office, laboratory, etc. : I spoke to an aid worker who had recently returned from the field. You'll find that things aren't as straightforward out in the field as they are in the classroom.

  3. field noun (COMPUTER) [ C ] computing specialized. a division of a database (= a collection of similar information on a computer) that contains a particular type of information, such as names or numbers. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

  4. 2. (Agriculture) a piece of land cleared of trees and undergrowth, usually enclosed with a fence or hedge and used for pasture or growing crops: a field of barley. 3. (Soccer) a limited or marked off area, usually of mown grass, on which any of various sports, athletic competitions, etc, are held: a soccer field. 4.

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    Field (agriculture), an area of land used for agricultural purposes. Airfield, an aerodrome that lacks the infrastructure of an airport. Battlefield. Lawn, an area of mowed grass. Meadow, a grassland that is either natural or allowed to grow unmowed and ungrazed. Playing field, used for sports or games.

  6. field, in physics, a region in which each point has a physical quantity associated with it. The quantity could be a number, as in the case of a scalar field such as the Higgs field, or it could be a vector, as in the case of fields such as the gravitational field, which are associated with a force.

  7. La empresa Agroinsumos El Field fue fundada en 1961, por el Sr. Maclovio Ayala en el poblado de Tonatico, Estado de México, dando pauta al crecimiento agrícola en la región, con la introducción de los primeros híbridos de maíz y posteriormente de hortalizas.