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    Gaulish was an ancient Celtic language spoken in parts of Continental Europe before and during the period of the Roman Empire.In the narrow sense, Gaulish was the language of the Celts of Gaul (now France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine).

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    They spoke Gaulish, a Continental Celtic language. The Gauls emerged around the 5th century BC as bearers of La Tène culture north and west of the Alps . By the 4th century BC, they were spread over much of what is now France , Belgium , [1] Switzerland , Southern Germany , Austria , and Czechia , [1] by virtue of controlling the trade routes along the river systems of the Rhône , Seine ...

  3. They both mean "language of yes", because oc was the word for "yes" in the south, and oïl meant "yes" in the north. Today, the word for yes in French is oui, pronounced like "we". In 1635, France established the French Academy in order to standardize the French language.