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  1. Herzberg Castle ( German: Schloss Herzberg) is a German schloss in Herzberg am Harz in the district of Göttingen in the state of Lower Saxony. The present-day, quadrangular building has its origins in the 11th century as a medieval castle.

  2. Herzberg Castle in the Duchy of Saxony was first mentioned in an 1143 deed. A hunting lodge at the site was already erected from 1024 to 1029 by King Lothair II. It was seized by the Saxon Welf dynasty in 1144 and in 1158 became a property of Duke Henry the Lion with consent of the Hohenstaufen emperor Frederick Barbarossa .

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    The Herzburg (also sometimes the Harzburg) was a castle near the county town of Altenkirchen (Westerwald) that stood on the long hill spur between Gieleroth, Widderstein, Ingelbach and Borod. Archaeological monuments and place names give clues to the earlier settlement.

  4. Deutsch: Schloss Herzberg in Herzberg am Harz, ... English: Herzberg Castle in Herzberg am Harz, Lower Saxony, Germany. View from east. Fecha: 8 de octubre de 2009 ...

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    Herzberg Castle (German language: Schloss Herzberg) is a German Schloss in Herzberg am Harz in the district of Osterode am Harz in the state of Lower Saxony. The present-day four-winged building has its origins in the 11th century as a medieval castle. After a fire in 1510 it was rebuilt as a Schloss and is one of the few in Lower Saxony that was c...

    Herzberg Castle stands on a wooded eminence (275 m above sea level (NN)) immediately above and west of the centre of the town of Herzberg am Harz, which lies on the southwestern edge of the Harz Mountains. A stretch of the River Sieber runs past the castle to the north.

    The castle seen from Herzberg, day and night Herzberg and its castle in 1753 The present castle is an enclosed four-winged building with a rectangular courtyard (40 x 58 m) and was rebuilt after a serious fire in November 1510. Since the new castle was completed in 1528 completed its basements have been made of sandstone. One wing has an upper stor...

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