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  1. Sophia Dorothea of Hanover (26 March [O.S. 16 March] 1687 – 28 June 1757) was Queen in Prussia and Electress of Brandenburg during the reign of her husband, King Frederick William I, from 25 February 1713 to 31 May 1740.

  2. Brunswick-Lüneburg: Matilda of Brandenburg 1228 ten children: Grandson of Henry the Lion, founded the Duchy and was recognised as such in 1235, by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor: Albert I the Tall: 1236 1252-1269 15 August 1279 Brunswick-Lüneburg Elisabeth of Brabant 1254 no children Alexia of Montferrat 1263 seven children

  3. Hedvig Sophia Augusta of Sweden (26 June 1681 – 22 December 1708), Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp, was the eldest child of Charles XI of Sweden and Ulrike Eleonore of Denmark. She was heir presumptive to the Swedish throne until her death and the regent of the duchy of Holstein-Gottorp for her minor son from 1702 to 1708.

  4. Ulrika Eleonora's situation began to change after the death of her older sister, Hedvig Sophia, in 1708. Ulrika Eleonora became the only adult member of the royal house present in Sweden, aside from her grandmother, Queen Dowager Hedwig Eleonora. Already in late 1712, Charles XII had thoughts of making her regent during his absence.

  5. Hedwig Sophie of Brandenburg 19 July 1649 Cölln seven children Regency of Margaret Elisabeth of Leiningen-Westerburg (1638-1648) Sold his lands to his brother, George Christian. William Christoph: 13 November 1625: 1638–1669: 27 August 1681: Hesse-Darmstadt-Homburg: Sophia Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt 21 April 1650 Darmstadt twelve children

  6. Sophia of Nassau (Sophia Wilhelmine Marianne Henriette; 9 July 1836 – 30 December 1913) was Queen of Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Oscar II. She was Queen of Sweden for 35 years, longer than anyone before her, and the longest-serving queen until 2011, when she was surpassed by Queen Silvia .

  7. Life Early life. Christina was engaged to John, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in 1477.The year after, she traveled from Saxony to Warnemunde, where she was met by a Danish retinue who brought her Copenhagen Castle, where she was married to John on 6 September 1478.