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  1. 'swept away' aparece también en las siguientes entradas: Spanish: dejarse llevar por alguien - embalar - impresionar Forum discussions with the word (s) "swept away" in the title: castle was swept away escape by being swept away footprints swept away behind them swept away swept away swept away swept away Swept away -emocional

  2. Let yourself be swept away by the tales and fables of those who are engraved in the hearts and minds of the people of the river Lot. Déjes e llevar e n un viaje a través de los cuentos y leyendas que se quedan para siempre en el espíritu de los hombres del río Lot.

  3. Son personas cuya vida y medios de subsistencia fueron literalmente arrasados. People are swept away because they're not clinging to anything sturdy. Las personas son arrastradas porque no están clavadas a una cosa fuerte. The last vestiges of our free system of government are being swept away.

  4. Swept Away was a box office bomb; from a $10 million budget, it grossed $598,645 in the United States and around $437,875 from foreign territories for a worldwide total of $1,036,520. It was shown only on 196 screens for two weeks, dropping down to 59 in the final third week of release.

  5. que el agua, esté donde esté, con quién esté, en la cuantía que esté es ya fuente. In this way the part of the pulp that remains, which is. [...] subject to fermentat ion, is swept away, rel easing the bean. De este modo, la parte de la pulpa que.

  6. Get swept away in a street party, dig for diamonds or watch rough-riders at a rodeo. Forme parte de una fiesta callejera, excave e n busca d e diamantes u observe cómo los cowboys doman a los caballos en un rodeo.

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