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  1. After deposition, was named regent for his nephew, George VI, who died as a minor. He then re-ascended as king, reuniting Georgia in 1330. A flexible and far-sighted politician, he recovered Georgia from a century-long Mongol domination, restoring the country's previous strength and Christian culture. 1330-1346 Kingdom of Georgia: Vakhtang III

  2. His forces met those of Alexander's successor, King Vakhtang IV at Akhaltsikhe, but the fighting was inconclusive and Jahan Shah returned to Tabriz once more. As a result of foreign and internal struggles unified Kingdom of Georgia stopped to exist after 1466 and was subdivided into several political units.

  3. La lingua georgiana (nome nativo ქართული ენა, kartuli ena) è la lingua più parlata della famiglia caucasica meridionale, di cui rappresenta la lingua franca, nonché l'unica lingua con una propria tradizione letteraria. È la lingua ufficiale della Georgia, dove conta all'incirca 3,9 milioni di parlanti nativi (l'83% della popolazione).