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  1. 26/04/2022 · The Omicron variant is running rings around Beijing's zero-Covid strategy -- and apparently nobody in power dare say so. "This infodemic -- the censoring and undermining of the truth -- is costing ...

  2. 29/06/2022 · The film feels the apparent "need" to spout random and dated slang (even by near-late 2010s' standards) especially when Gene and Hi-5 mention "#truth" and "#blessed". The film has pretty excruciating and stupid dialogue. (Example: "We're number two!")

  3. 02/09/2020 · Writers like the Grimm Brothers and Robert Browning may have shaped the Pied Piper legend into art, but it turns out the story is likely based on an actual historical incident.

  4. Exposing The Truth (ETT) believes that information should be freely available to all, but we also believe that sources should be properly credited and that intellectual property rights should be respected. ETT and its content is protected by international copyright law.

  5. That's awful. - Really, really awful - Yea, virginity exams are straight up sexual assault, and they don't even prove anything because the hymend doesn't work that way. Physically speaking, virginity doesn't exist.

  6. 22/06/2022 · When "Walk the Line" was released in 2005, the world learned that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon could sing. Here's the story behind this unique film.

  7. It is time to come together, demand the truth, and take control of our health. The Truth About COVID-19 is your invitation to join Dr. Mercola and Cummins as they educate and organize for a healthy, equitable, democratic, and regenerative future. *The Paperback Edition is Updated with a New Preface by Dr. Mercola*