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  1. The Big Sleep: Directed by Howard Hawks. With Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers. Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a wealthy family.

  2. It’s 4am, and the big test is in 8 hours. You’ve been studying for days, but you still don’t feel ready. Should you drink another cup of coffee and spend the next few hours cramming? Or should you go to sleep? Shai Marcu defends the latter option, showing how sleep restructures your brain in a way that’s crucial for how our memory works.

  3. 16/11/2022 · Remember, that was the Big Moment of the night. Yet, it didn’t feel that big. One can assume he’s doing it to appear more “leaderly,” more of a statesman, more presidential. Will it work? For me, frankly I thought it was a snoozefest.

  4. 11/11/2022 · While its high price is tough to swallow, the Pod 3 Cover's powerful heating and cooling tech and sophisticated sleep tracking combine to deliver one of the best night’s rest you can get..

  5. Never Sleep Again expands on Wes Craven's motivations in creating the first Elm Street film. It also explores behind-the-scenes of the original film and all of its sequels. Through interviews, the film shares how cast and crew brought their own worst nightmares to life on screen and examines the impact the series and its mythos have had on pop culture and the horror genre in general.

  6. 10/05/2021 · You're not sleeping well — or at all — but symptoms are starting to spread to other areas of your life. Get intel on sleep-wake disorders here.

  7. Our work is about helping everyone to sleep better, regardless of their age, background or ability. We do this by working collaboratively, lobbying government, investing in research, building partnerships with organisations and offering a range of services including working directly with parents, offering workshops/webinars to corporate organisations and training professionals in the NHS and ...