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  1. The Hunters is a 1958 American CinemaScope war film adapted from the novel, The Hunters by James Salter. The picture was produced and directed by Dick Powell and starring Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner as two very different United States Air Force fighter pilots during the Korean War .

  2. Action Drama Romance. In 1952, during the Korean War, two American pilots become bitter enemies over the same woman but must shelf their personal feud when confronted by deadly Chinese MIG fighter jets in battle. Director. Dick Powell. Writers. Wendell Mayes. James Salter. Stars. Robert Mitchum.

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  3. Hunters, The (1958) Picking Up Some Planes Robert Mitchum as USAF flier Seville, in Kyoto before returning to duty in Korea, meets May Britt, a new friend and wife of a pilot under his command, who’s being too hard on himself, Dick Powell producing and directing the Hollywood treatment of James Salter’s novel, The Hunters, 1958.

  4. 28:13 The Hunters [Motion picture] by John Marshall Publication date 1958 Topics San (African people), bushmen, San (African people), 16mm Film, Series: The Hunters, Educational Film, San (African people), Hunting, Indigenous people, Historical cultures and periods, Historical cultures and periods, Indigenous people Publisher

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  5. Cinematography Charles G. Clarke Producer 20th Century Fox Genre War | Korean War. Romantic Drama Synopsis Robert Mitchum plays veteran Air Force pilot Maj. Cleve Saville, in charge of a group of young flyboys in 1952 Korea. Among the men under Saville's command are cocksure Lt. Ed Peil (Robert Wagner) and timorous Lt. Abbott (Lee Phillips).

  6. Language. English. Director, John Marshall in collaboration with Robert Gardner; narrator and photographer, John Marshall. A study of the life and culture of primitive African bushmen as portrayed through the experiences of four aborigines hunting a giraffe on the Kalihari Desert.

  7. The Hunters is a 1957 ethnographic film that documents the efforts of four !Kung men (also known as Ju/'hoansi or Bushmen) to hunt a giraffe in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia. The footage was shot by John Marshall during a Smithsonian-Harvard Peabody sponsored expedition in 1952–53.

  8. With its electrifying flight sequences and high-powered cast, The Hunters is a mesmerizing film based on the best-selling novel by veteran fighter pilot James Salter. Set during the height of the Korean War, the story centers on Major Cleve Saville (Robert Mitchum), a master of the newly operational F-86 Sabre fighter jets.

  9. The Hunters es una película dirigida por Dick Powell con Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner, May Britt, Richard Egan .... Año: 1958. Título original: The Hunters. Sinopsis: El mayor Saville, un veterano de guerra que encabeza un grupo de oficiales, se enamora de la esposa de uno de ellos.

  10. 1h 12m IMDb RATING 7.0 /10 102 YOUR RATING Rate Documentary This film follows the hunting of a giraffe by four members of the Ju/'hoansi (a !Kung Bushmen tribe) over a 13-day period in the Kalahari desert. The film consists of footage shot in 1952-53 on a Smithsonian-Harvard Peabody expedition. Directors Robert Gardner John Marshall Star

  11. 1958 Directed by Dick Powell Synopsis Mightiest thrill-shocked adventure spectacle of the super-sonic age ! With its electrifying flight sequences and high-powered cast, The Hunters is a mesmerizing film based on the best-selling novel by veteran fighter pilot James Salter.

  12. The Hunters. 1958. Produced by the Film Study Center of the Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Written, directed, and photographed by John Marshall

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