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  1. 04/10/1991 · The Man in the Moon 1991 PG-13 1 h 39 m IMDb RATING 7.3 /10 17K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 3:03 1 Video 15 Photos Drama Romance A coming of age story set in the south of the U.S. when Elvis was King. Director Robert Mulligan Writer Jenny Wingfield Stars Sam Waterston Tess Harper Gail Strickland See production, box office & company info

    • (17K)
    • Robert Mulligan
    • PG-13
    • Drama | , Romance
  2. The Man in the Moon is a 1991 American coming of age drama film. It was the final film directed by Robert Mulligan, from a screenplay written by Jenny Wingfield. It stars Reese Witherspoon in her film debut, Sam Waterston, Tess Harper, Emily Warfield, and Jason London. The film’s story, set in rural 1950s Louisiana, centers around Dani ...

  3. The Man in the Moon The Man in the Moon es una película de 1991 dirigida por Robert Mulligan y protagonizada por Sam Waterston, Reese Witherspoon y Jason London. Fue la última película de Mulligan y la última película en cine de Waterston antes de irse a Law & Order, como también la primera película de Witherspoon. Sinopsis

  4. I'm the man in the Moon I'm the man in the Moon I'm the man in the Moon When you're walking and your feet get tired Let me hold you with all my might Might be struggling but I won't stop trying Eat when we feel like dying Turn the light on and it'll lead your through Told your path that it's made for two Hold you up when the weather's deep

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    The Man in the Moon refers to any of several pareidolic images of a human face, head or body that certain traditions recognize in the disc of the full moon. The images are based on the appearance of the dark areas and the lighter-colored highlands of the lunar surface.

    There are various explanations for how the Man in the Moon came to be. A longstanding European tradition holds that the man was banished to the Moon for some crime. Jewish lore commonly held that he is the man caught gathering sticks on the Sabbath and sentenced by God to death by stoning in the Book of Numbers XV.32–36. Some Germanic cultures thou...

    There is a traditional European belief that the Man in the Moon enjoyed drinking, especially claret. An old ballad runs

    One tradition sees a figure of a man carrying a wide burden on his back. He is sometimes seen as accompanied by a small dog. Various cultures recognise other examples of lunar pareidolia, such as the Moon rabbit. In the Northern Hemisphere, a common Western perception of the face has it that the figure's eyes are Mare Imbrium and Mare Serenitatis, ...

    The Man in the Moon is made up of various lunar maria. These vast, flat spots on the Moon are called "maria" or "seas" because, for a long time, astronomers believed they were large bodies of water. They are large areas formed by lava that covered up old craters and then cooled, becoming smooth, basalt rock. The near side of the Moon, containing th...

    Near full moon over Berlin, Germany, in December 2015, approximately 30 minutes after moonrise

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