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  1. 4.- Los efectos de la televisión en el desarrollo infantil. En concreto, se trata de un estudio sobre los efectos educativos del programa "Plaza Sésamo" en una población de niños mexicanos en edad preescolar; los resultados fueron publicados en Díaz Guerrero, Bianchi y Ahumada (1975). 5.- Problemas de población.

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    The Worst Jobs in History – a UK series that debuted in 2004 with a similar premise to Dirty Jobs except host Tony Robinson experiences "dirty jobs" that were common in British society centuries ago. Somebody's Gotta Do It – the indirect successor to Dirty Jobs, a CNN series hosted by Rowe and including a number of Dirty Jobs crew. References

  3. The game relies on the premise that an adult would not know the information generally taught in elementary grade school because it is rarely used in adult life by the type of person chosen to be a contestant. Therefore, the show is essentially a test to see how much an adult has retained since graduating elementary school.

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  5. El llamado triángulo de oro, que es la complementariedad entre las telecomunicaciones, la televisión y la computación, que se integran en Internet, es ya tan familiar en todos los hogares, tanto como lo es la TV. 8. 3.-Las tecnologías en la comunicación social, particularmente en la cultura y la vida social

  6. The Valleys is a British reality television series based in Cardiff, Wales and broadcast on MTV.The show first aired on 25 September 2012. It follows youngsters from the South Wales Valleys as they move to Cardiff to live out their dreams with the help from their new bosses, AK and Jordan.

  7. The basic premise of the Black Legend is that Spaniards have shown themselves, historically, to be uniquely cruel, bigoted, tyrannical, obscurantists, lazy, fanatical, greedy, and treacherous; that is, that they differ so much from other peoples in these traits that Spaniards and Spanish history must be viewed and understood in terms not ordinarily used in describing and interpreting other people.