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  1. 10/04/2022 · A movie or show revolving around the Ravagers isn't outside the realm of possibility and Gunn's tweet suggests that their return is something already being considered. The Ravagers could be appearing in any upcoming Marvel title that's already been announced - most likely, they will show up again in the third Guardians film .

  2. The Ravagers are an interstellar crime syndicate comprising of thieves, smugglers, criminals, bandits, mercenaries, bounty hunters and pirates. There are nearly one hundred factions of Ravagers around the galaxy. Each faction has a captain of its own, leading their operations. Stakar Ogord and his clan freed Yondu Udonta from a life of slavery in the Kree Empire and welcomed him to the ...

  3. 08/01/2021 · Marvel Studios: Legends: This series showcases individual characters from the MCU, whom viewers have come to know and love over the years and revisit some of their most iconic moments.

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    With Rose and Warblade having difficulties in capturing the Ravagers, Harvest makes a deal with Deathstroke to hunt down the Ravagers and attack each one using a special weapon called the Abeo Blade. Succeeding in invading Caulder's place, Deathstroke manages to "kill" Ridge (in his human form - a child), Caulder himself, Thunder and Lightning using the weapon, and also cuts Warblade's head off.

  5. 14/04/2022 · His first multiverse variant was a charmer, abducted by the Ravagers in Season 1, Episode 2, “What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?” and transforming the galaxy for the better as a result. It worked exactly as intended, showing the same character in a very different light while further opening up the Guardians of the Galaxy side of the MCU for exploration.

  6. 13/04/2022 · This seemingly teases that Thor has either left the Guardians to join the Ravagers or that the Guardians and Ravagers have joined forces. Either way, it does look as though Love and Thunder will be introducing some significant roster shake-ups for both galactic teams when the new film releases on July 8th.

  7. 03/05/2022 · We can see they’re still wearing Ravagers emblem on their suits. Ravagers had a big role in the first two Guardians movies, so it’s expected that that won’t change in the upcoming third movie. Maybe there’s no more Michael Rooker’s Yondu, but Sylvester Stallone’s Stakar is confirmed to return after having a minor role in Vol. 2