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  1. The Untouchables is an American crime drama series that aired for two seasons in syndication, from January 1993 to May 1994. The series portrayed work of the real life Untouchables federal investigative squad in Prohibition -era Chicago and its efforts against Al Capone 's attempts to profit from the market in bootleg liquor.

  2. The Untouchables were special agents of the U.S. Bureau of Prohibition led by Eliot Ness, who, from 1930 to 1932, worked to end Al Capone's illegal activities by aggressively enforcing Prohibition laws against his organization.

  3. The Untouchables is exciting, but at the same time dark and thrilling while also featuring a fantastic cast filled with great performances! Mr N Super Reviewer. Sep 10, 2015.

  4. The Untouchables - Gli intoccabili (The Untouchables) è un film del 1987 diretto da Brian De Palma e scritto da David Mamet. Il film è ispirato all' autobiografia dell'agente federale Eliot Ness , che aveva già dato vita alla serie televisiva Gli intoccabili con Robert Stack .

  5. The Untouchables is an American crime drama that ran from 1959 to 1963 on ABC. Based on the memoir of the same name by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley, it fictio...

  6. For the pedigree of talent involved in “The Untouchables”, one would expect a blockbuster thriller filled with terrific performances. Thar’s largely what one gets. The script by David Mamet gives the best lines to the late Oscar winning Sean Connery as Malone a part of Elliot Ness’ team trying to nail Al Capone.

  7. Regarding the film itself:While this isn't the greatest movie ever filmed it gets a solid 4 out of 5 Amazon Stars from me.Well-acted and a feel good flick that I've watched online several times already, thus the purchase for personal collection.Regarding the Blu-ray Disc that I purchased on this very page (see my added images):The Blu-ray Disc that I received most definitely does not look as ...

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