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  1. Theobald I was the son of Theobald le Vieux of Blois, who from 908 on was viscomte of Tours. Theobald le Vieux's wife, the mother of Theobald I, was Richende De Bourges, a great-granddaughter of Rorgon I, Count of Maine. Theobald I was initially a vassal of Hugh the Great, Duke of France. Around 945, Louis IV was captured by Northmen and given ...

    • 913
    • Richende De Bourges
  2. 20/11/2021 · Theobald I, count of Blois, Chartres, and Tours. Theobald earned his nickname “the Cheat” fighting with his neighbours, among them the kings of France, the dukes of Normandy, and the church of Reims. He seized the area around Blois about 940 and later augmented his holdings with the counties of

  3. Theobald I, count of Troyes and of Champagne (from 1201), as Theobald IV, and king of Navarre (from 1234), the most famous of the aristocratic trouvères. He was the son of Theobald III of Champagne, who died before his son was born, and Blanche of Navarre.

  4. Theobald I ( French: Thibaut, Spanish: Teobaldo; 30 May 1201 – 8 July 1253), also called the Troubadour and the Posthumous, was Count of Champagne (as Theobald IV) from birth and King of Navarre from 1234. He initiated the Barons' Crusade, was famous as a trouvère, and was the first Frenchman to rule Navarre.

  5. Theobald I ( French: Thiébaud or Thiébaut) (c. 1191 – 17 February 1220) was the duke of Lorraine from 1213 to his death. He was the son and successor of Frederick II and Agnes of Bar. Theobald joined Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor, on 4 July 1214 at the Battle of Bouvines, where he was taken in prisoner in the rout. He was quickly liberated.

  6. Theobald fue el conde de Tours desde 942, también fue conde de Blois y en 960 fue conde de Châteaudun y Chartres . [5] La hermana de Theobald, Adelaide, se había casado con Alan II de Nantes , el duque de Bretaña, lo que le dio a Theobald influencia hasta Rennes .

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    Theobald I was married three times; in 1176 he married Laurette of Loon (de Looz), daughter of Louis I, Count of Loon and Agnes of Metz; They had one daughter. Secondly, he married Ermensinde de Bar-sur-Seine, daughter of Guy II of Brienne and Petronille de Chacenay, circa 1189; They had one son and two daughters. Theobald and Ermensinde divorced circa 1195. He then, married Ermensinde of Luxembourg, daughter of Henry Coecus "the Blind" of Luxembourg and Agnes of Gueldres, in 1197; They had two sons and three daughters.

    Children from his marriage to Laurette of Loon(de Looz): 1. Agnes (Tomasia) of Bar, Dame d'Amance, de Longwy et de Stenay (b. c 1177, d. 19 Jun 1226); married Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine. Children from his marriage to Ermesinde (Isabella) of Bar-sur-Seine: 1. Agnes II of Bar (d. 1225); married Hugues, Seigneur de Chatillon. 2. Henry II, Count of Bar (b. 1190, d. 13 Nov 1239); married Philippa of Dreux. 3. Margaret of Bar (b. c 1192, d. after 1259); married Heinrich von Salm, Seigneur de Viviers. Children from his marriage to Ermesinde (Ermesinda) of Luxembourg: 1. Margaret II of Bar (d. Jul 1270); married Hugues III, Comte de Vaudémont, second marriage to, Henri de Dampierre, Seigneur du Bois. 2. Elisabeth of Bar (d. between 11 Apr 1262 - 1 Aug 1262); married Waleran of Limburg, Seigneur de Fauquemont & Montjoie. 3. Henry of Bar, Lord of Briey, Arrancy, & Marville. (d. 1214) 4. Renaud of Bar (d. Feb 1214) 5. unknown daughter (d. before Feb 1214)

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    • c. 1158
    • Agnès of Champagne
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