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  1. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story. Director: Oliver Stone | Stars: Kevin Costner , Gary Oldman , Jack Lemmon , Walter Matthau

  2. There's a large raid near the beginning and Dutch and his team kill many men with machine guns and knives, as well as dynamite and explosives. Several structures are blown up, vehicles crash, and one man is impaled with a knife and stuck to a wall.

  3. Unwilling to renew their marriage but eager to see Suzy again, a recovered Lisa agrees to accompany Mike back to his home. The little girl misunderstands, however, believing her father is bringing home a new wife. She becomes hysterical. Later, she takes a dislike to Lisa and refuses to believe any suggestion that this is her real mother.

  4. King David is a 1985 American Biblical epic film about the life of David, the second King of the Kingdom of Israel, as recounted in the Hebrew Bible.The film is directed by Bruce Beresford, written by Andrew Birkin and James Costigan, and stars Richard Gere in the title role.