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  1. Thomas Harrison, (born 1616, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Eng.—died Oct. 13, 1660, London), English Parliamentarian general and a leader in the Fifth Monarchy sect (men who believed in the imminent coming of Christ and were willing to rule until he came). He helped to bring about the execution of King Charles I.

  2. Major-General Thomas Harrison (1616 – 13 October 1660) sided with Parliament in the English Civil War. During the Interregnum he was a leader of the Fifth Monarchists. In 1649 he signed the death warrant of Charles I and in 1660, shortly after the Restoration, he was found guilty of regicide and hanged, drawn and quartered . Contents

    • 13 October 1660 (aged 44)
    • Attorney at Law Clifford's Inn
  3. Thomas Harrison (7 August (baptised) 1744 – 29 March 1829) was an English architect and bridge engineer who trained in Rome, where he studied classical architecture. Returning to England, he won the competition in 1782 for the design of Skerton Bridge in Lancaster.

    • St Bridget's Church, Chester (later Blacon Cemetery)
    • 29 March 1829 (aged 84), Chester, Cheshire, England
    • Military & Political Career
    • Regicide
    • The Fifth Monarchy

    In 1644, Harrison accompanied Charles Fleetwood when he transferred to the Earl of Manchester's Eastern Association army. He became a major in Fleetwood's regiment of horse, which was noted as one of the most radical in religion in the Parliamentarian army. Harrison was denounced as an Anabaptist by Manchester's Presbyterian officers, but praised a...

    During the Second Civil War, Harrison went to join Major-General Lambert's army holding the north against the Engagers. On 18 July 1648, Harrison distinguished himself by holding off an attack by Sir Marmaduke Langdale on Lambert's quarters at Appleby. Harrison personally captured the enemy's colours, but was badly wounded during the skirmish. Alth...

    By the early 1650s, Harrison was associated with the Fifth Monarchist sect. He sponsored the radicals Vavasor Powell, John Simpson and Christopher Feake to preach before the Rump Parliament, although their criticisms of the government were not appreciated. In his zeal to establish the rule of the Saints, Harrison secured the expulsion from Parliame...

  4. Thomas Harrison fue un arquitecto inglés que floreció en las dos últimas décadas del siglo XVIII y las tres primeras del siglo XIX. Poco se sabe de sus primeros años de vida y se desconoce su fecha exacta de nacimiento. Nació en Richmond, Yorkshire, y fue bautizado el 7 de agosto de 1744. En 1769 fue enviado a estudiar arquitectura en Roma.

  5. Thomas Harrison (architect)(1744–1829), English architect and bridge engineer Thomas Harrison (general)(1823–1891), Confederate States Army brigadier general, district judge Thomas Harrison (translator)(1555–1631), English Puritan scholar and a translator for the King James Version of the Bible Thomas Elliot Harrison(1808–1888), civil engineer

  6. Thomas Harrison (May 1, 1823 – July 14, 1891) was a Confederate States Army brigadier general during the American Civil War. He had a law practice in Waco, Texas after moving to Texas in 1843. He was a Mexican–American War veteran and Texas state legislator before the war.

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