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  1. Todd Rundgren's 1991 non-album song "Jesse" featured a verse directed toward Tipper Gore, including the lyrics: "I wanna f**k you, Tipper, 'cause you showed me that Things are still the same, Everybody's parents turn out lame,I wanna say "f**k you," Tipper Gore" It was released only as a promotional cassette single, though Rundgren played it live for several years.

  2. Sinopsis. Una verdad incómoda presenta en formato cinematográfico una charla ilustrada por Al Gore sobre el cambio climático, con el objetivo de alertar al público de una creciente «emergencia planetaria» debido al calentamiento global, y muestra incidentes reconstruidos de su biografía que influyeron en su preocupación por los problemas medioambientales.

  3. 13/05/2010 · Three years ago, Gore added solar panels and other energy-saving features to his 10,000-square-foot mansion in Belle Meade, Tenn., after he had been criticized for the amount of energy the home used. After serving as vice president from 1993 to 2001 and playing spokesman on global warming in his 2006 Academy Award-winning film "An Inconvenient Truth," Gore is now chairman of Current TV.

  4. Fuck you, Tipper Gore! Fuck you with the freest of speech this Divided States of Embarrassment will allow me to have! Fuck you! Ha ha ha, I'm just playin', America You know I love you. 125.

  5. 25/04/2014 · Al Gore, though not divorced from wife Tipper, confirmed he is indeed dating environmental activist Elizabeth Keadle. "I don't want to get into my personal life, but we're a couple," the 66-year ...

  6. 07/01/2022 · But before she was the wife of a vice president, Tipper Gore was the wife of a Tennessee senator. Al Gore was a senator for the southern state from 1985 to 1993, per the House archive site. The same year Gore started office as senator, his wife was a member of a group that she co-founded called Parents Music Resource Center (or PMRC).

  7. 02/06/2010 · 0 Tipper Gore, Al Gore Separation: Why They Split. Al and Tipper had a rarity in politics: a genuine partnership. Lloyd Grove reports on happier times with the couple—and what friends think went ...