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  1. Roma es una película mexicana dramática de 2018.Escrita, dirigida, fotografiada y coproducida por Alfonso Cuarón.Está protagonizada por Yalitza Aparicio y Marina de Tavira, junto a varios actores debutantes como Nancy García García, Marco Graf y Daniela Demesa.

  2. Crepúsculo —título original en inglés: Twilight— es una película de fantasía romántica estadounidense de 2008 basada en la novela del mismo nombre de Stephenie Meyer de 2005. Dirigida por Catherine Hardwicke , la película está protagonizada por Kristen Stewart y Robert Pattinson .

  3. The title refers to Rome being declared an open city after 14 August 1943. It forms the first third of Rosselini's “Neorealist Trilogy”, followed by Paisan (1946) and Germany, Year Zero (1948). Open City is considered one of the most important and representative works of Italian neorealism, and an important stepping stone for Italian filmmaking as a whole.

  4. 30/06/2022 · Find all the latest film news, with features, interviews and more.

  5. 03/02/2019 · The Immortal: Directed by Marco D'Amore. With Marco D'Amore, Giuseppe Aiello, Salvatore D'Onofrio, Gianni Vastarella. Ciro's body is slowly sinking in the Gulf of Naples.

  6. There Be Dragons is a 2011 historical epic war drama film written and directed by Roland Joffé.Set during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s, it features themes such as betrayal, love and hatred, forgiveness, friendship, and finding meaning in everyday life.

  7. When the gladiators, including Maximus, arrive in Rome, they are seen entering a sort of "holding area" with the words "LUDUS MAGNUS" written above the gate. This remains their prison while in Rome. This Ludus (meaning gladiator school or training facility) was a real place, and its ruins can be seen today, just east of the Colosseum in Rome.