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    Sant Tukaram Maharaj (Marathi pronunciation: [t̪ukaːɾam]) was a 17th-century Marathi poet, Hindu sant (saint), popularly known as Tuka, Tukobaraya, Tukoba in Maharashtra. [4] He was a Sant of Varkari sampradaya (Marathi-Vaishnav tradition) - that venerates the god Vithoba - in Maharashtra, India. [2] [3] He was part of the egalitarian ...

  2. Tukaram. Tukaram, also known as Sant Tukaram, was as an Indian poet and saint in the 17th century. He was one of the saints of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra who composed the devotional poetry, Abhanga. His kirtans aka spiritual songs were devoted to Vithoba or Vitthala, an avatar of Hindu god Vishnu. He was born as the second of three ...

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    In the forty-eighth year of his life, in 1649, Tukaram disappeared. There is disagreement about Tukaram's final day. Some say that he informed his wife early in the day that he was going to Vaikuntha (the Divine Abode), and his wife laughed at him. He went up the hillock and waited for Vithoba. By that time, news had spread around Dehu and people h...

    Though Tukaram was not a great scholar like Jnanadev, Ekanath, or Vaman, and his formal education had not gone beyond reading and writing, once he turned to a spiritual life, he educated himself by reading several Marathi works on Puranas and philosophy, having a number of Sanskrit books explained to him, and by attending performances of kirtan and...

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  3. Tukaram representa la culminación de una tradición de poetas místicos, la de los varkaris o peregrinos, que floreció en el estado de Maharashtra, en la India occidental, entre los siglos XIII y XVIII. Reunidos alrededor de la figura del Señor Vitthala o Panduranga, advocación del Dios Vishnu, los varkaris representan uno de los más ...

  4. Tukārām, (born 1608, Dehu, near Pune, India—died 1649), Marathi poet who is often considered to be the greatest writer in the language. His abhaṅgas, or “unbroken” hymns, are among the most famous Indian poems. The son of a shopkeeper, Tukārām was orphaned in childhood. Failing in business and family life, he renounced the world and became an itinerant ascetic. It is believed that ...

  5. TUKARAM Por Ada Albrecht iendo una tierra de santidad, India se ha caracterizado siempre por sus hombres y mujeres divinos. El territorio de Maharashtra, ha sido rico en ellos. De esa parte del mundo fue oriundo nuestro santo Tukaram. No fue Brahmín, ni si-quiera Kshatrya1, sino Vaisha, o sea, perteneciente a la casta de los comerciantes.

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