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  1. Cambridge University Press, que es uno de esos departamentos, es la casa editorial más antigua y la segunda editorial universitaria más grande del mundo. Cambridge también cuenta con ocho museos culturales y científicos, entre estos el Museo Fitzwilliam, así como un jardín botánico.

  2. The University of Cambridge has a long tradition of academic dress, which it traditionally refers to as academical dress. Almost every degree which is awarded by the university has its own distinct gown in addition to having its own hood. Undergraduates wear college gowns which have subtle differences enabling the wearer's college to be determined.

  3. Cambridge University Press et al. v. Patton et al. (also captioned v. Becker ), 1:2008cv01425 , was a case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in which three publishers, Cambridge University Press , SAGE Publications , and Oxford University Press , initially filed suit in 2008 against Georgia State University for copyright infringement .

  4. There are a number of popular legends associated with Cambridge University and its 800 year-old history, often recounted by punt guides to tourists while cruising the River Cam. Some are true, some contain elements of truth, and others are somewhat more fabricated.

  5. 1352 Christopher Kelly Master since 2018: 294 259 553: £94M: £232M: £419k: CC (Corpus) Formerly St Bene't's College.: Darwin Scarf colours: blue, with two equally-spaced narrow sets of three adjacent red, Cambridge blue and yellow stripes, with the red stripes closest to the edge of the scarf, and the yellow stripes closest to the centre

  6. University of Cambridge: University of Geneva: Isidor Isaac Rabi: Physics 1944 Columbia University: James Rainwater: Physics 1975 Columbia University: Venki Ramakrishnan: Chemistry 2009 MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology: C. V. Raman: Physics 1930 University of Calcutta: Santiago Ramón y Cajal: Physiology or Medicine 1906 Complutense ...

  7. The voters were the graduates of the university, whether they were resident or not; they could vote for the university seats in addition to any other vote that they might have [citation needed]. After the Act of Union 1800 with Ireland , the University of Dublin ( Trinity College ), which had elected two MPs to the Parliament of Ireland since 1613, was allowed one member from 1801 and two from ...