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  1. The history of Seoul can be traced back as far as 18 BC, although humans have occupied the area now known as Seoul since the Paleolithic Age. It has been the capital of numerous kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula since it was established. Prehistoric [ edit] Amsa-dong Preshistoric Settlement Site in Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

  2. The history of Joseon is largely divided into two parts: the early period and the late period; some divide it into three parts, including a middle period. The standard for dividing the early period and the late period is the Imjinwaeran period (Japanese invasions of Korea; 1592–1598).

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    The Joseon period has left a substantial legacy to modern Korea; much of modern Korean culture, etiquette, norms, and societal attitudes toward current issues, along with the modern Korean language and its dialects, derive from the culture and traditions of Joseon.

    • 1910-1945
    • Mun, (1423–1425, 1625–1892), Yang, (1892–1897)
  4. In 1867, during the regency of Daewongun, the palace buildings were reconstructed and formed a massive complex with 330 buildings and 5,792 rooms. Standing on 4,657,576 square feet (432,703 square meters) of land, Gyeongbokgung again became an iconic symbol for both the Korean nation and the Korean royal family.

  5. In the Joseon era, it started to be called Seoul by the public. In the middle of Joseon era, Hanseong & Hanyang were almost replaced by Seoul and only remained formal name. [1] During the period of Japanese colonial rule, Seoul was referred to by the Japanese exonym Keijō (けいじょう or 京城), or Gyeongseong ( 경성; 京城 ...

  6. La dinastía Joseon fue un reino dinástico coreano que duró aproximadamente cinco siglos. Fue fundado por Taejo de Joseon en julio de 1392 y fue reemplazado por el Imperio Coreano en octubre de 1897. Se fundó después de la disolución de la dinastía Koryo en lo que hoy es la ciudad de Kaesong. Al principio, Corea se retituló, y ...